This Cafe In Mumbai Offers Delectable Kulfis In Pretty Shapes

by Sanmita A
This Cafe In Mumbai Offers Delectable Kulfis In Pretty Shapes

Kulfis are the Indians’ go-to dessert. We’ve literally had Kulfis for over five hundred years and with time, we have managed to create more versions of it – tastier and better. It is said that the dessert was created to please King Akbar. However, there are various other stories about how Kulfi was born. No matter, we Indians are ardent fans of Kulfis and can’t wait to gorge on them every summer. This time, a cafe in Mumbai, Joshh Restaurants is offering kulfis not only in different flavours but in varied shapes too.

Kulfis And Their Versions At Joshh

Now, you cannot compare the texture of ice cream with Kulfi. But Joshh Restaurants has effortlessly combined, colours, textures and flavours to create kulfis in adorable shapes. You would want to preserve them rather than eat them. Apart from the pretty-shaped kulfis, they also serve kulfi milkshakes and kulfi falooda sundaes.

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The Delectable Kulfi Flavours At Joshh

The Kulfis here, also come in a variety of flavours like Chocolate, Chikoo, Mango, Kolkata Paan, Kala Khatta, Kitkat, butterscotch and even gulab jamun and gajar ka halwa. They have reimagined every flavour on kulfi without touching its authenticity. So innovative right?

Well, if you really want to beat the summer heat, or have a gathering that includes children, head to the Joshh restaurant and get them to enjoy these cool, creative kulfi flavours.

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Milkshakes & Sundaes

These milkshakes and sundaes are different from the average ones that you get everywhere. Here, the names, tastes and quantities stand out.

Kulfis still have a fair battle with their western counterparts, but with such innovations and creativity by food creators, kulfis will definitely be preferred over any cool dessert.

Check out the location where you can enjoy these delicious kulfis – Galleria Mall, Powai & Inorbit Malad. Juhu & Thane

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