Try Unique Roller Coaster Kulfis At These Places In Delhi, Mumbai & Mysore

by Suchismita Pal
Try Unique Roller Coaster Kulfis At These Places In Delhi, Mumbai & Mysore

Ever had a huge crush on someone right after the first meet? And at times, you aren’t even sure if you’ll run into that person again at any point in your life. I actually had developed a similar emotion for roller coaster kulfi when I had last tried it in 2018 outside a Durga Puja pandal in Kolkata. Since then, I had been insanely craving for it. Thankfully, I finally found it in Delhi at Kulfi Wala in Kamla Nagar. It is also available in Mumbai’s Ghatkopar area. Rollercoaster kulfi, or simply roller kulfi is a special kind of kulfi prepared on a cylindrical roller. The kulfi is then scraped off from the rotating roller and the cold flakes are served on a bowl.

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Kulfi Made On A Roller Loaded With Ice!

Roller coaster kulfi isn’t just a cold dessert, but a piece of nostalgia for many people. If you loved visiting fairs during your childhood days, you probably had come across this delight multiple times. To make a roller coaster kulfi, a roller is first loaded with salted ice. The kulfi cream or rabdi is gradually poured over the rotating cylinder. Due to the presence of ice inside the roller, the cream gets frozen instantly. On top of the cream, different kinds of syrups, cherries and more are poured. All of them freeze up and cling together to the roller. The dessert is then scrapped off in layers with a knife and collected on a bowl or plate. Not only does it taste delish, but the process looks eye-soothing too.


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You Can Try Different Flavours Of This Shredded Kulfi Like Oreo, Rose And More At These Places

You won’t find a roller coaster kulfi in every typical dessert shop or ice-cream parlour. In Delhi, you can try it in Kulfi Wala of Kamla Nagar’s E -Block. In Mumbai, you can relish it in Khau Gali, Ghatkopar East. Mysore peeps can try this dessert out at Latin Strings, Gangotri Layout on the Sahukar Chennaiah Road. Certain places also serve this kulfi in different flavours like oreo, rose, mixed fruit and more. And if you’re lucky, you might just end up spotting one of these icy rollers in the next pop-up or fair you visit.