This Little Roadside Stall In Delhi’s South Ex Offers Mouth-Watering Jamun Kulfi You Can’t Miss!

by Suchismita Pal
This Little Roadside Stall In Delhi’s South Ex Offers Mouth-Watering Jamun Kulfi You Can’t Miss!

Grabbing an iced Kulfi is one of the best ways to beat the scorching heat of Delhi. And a little roadside kulfi van in South Extension 2 makes the desi frozen dessert with a twist. Apart from the classic kesar kulfis, the stall serves some quirky kulfi varieties like Jamun kulfi, Paan Kulfi, Gulab Kulfi, Sarifa Kulfi, Imli Kulfi, Gulkand Kulfi and also Sugarfree Kulfi. The Jamun Kulfi is the star of the menu here, topped with a pinch of salt. The shop also specialises in Kala Khatta Chuski, Dahi Bhalle and Kulfi Faluda.

Jamun Kulfi Delhi
Picture Credits: Zomato/Charan Singh Kulfi & Kala Khatta

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Kiss The Heat Goodbye With Kulfi Faluda And Kala Khatta Chuski

At Charan Singh kulfi van, you can also relish the pink-hued Kulfi Falooda that looks jaw-droppingly droolworthy ( and yes, it’s loved by the regulars here too). If you want to enjoy the magic of all fruits in one shot, you can take a pick on their All fruits Kulfi. The shop also rolls out Anaar Kulfi, Chicku Kulfi, Strawberry Kulfi, Chocolate Kulfi, Coconut Kulfi and Anjeer Kulfi. 

Jamun Kulfi Delhi
Picture Creditrs: Zomato and Google Photos/Charan Singh Kulfi & Kala Khatta

We’re Crushing On The Mangostep Kulfi Stuffed Inside A Real Mango

While the colourful kulfis at the stall are pretty enough to please our eyes, we’re totally crushing on its Mangostep Kulfi, that’s stuffed inside a whole, juicy mango. And every bite of it tastes like a slice of heaven. Along with the kulfi, you’ll also get to enjoy the taste of the original fruit.

Jamun Kulfi Delhi
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Before visiting the shop, do call up at 9910874574/8800455827/7042337649. You can also stalk the van on its Facebook page and Twitter.

Address | E-20, Main Market, South Extension 2, New Delhi