How To Make Kulfi At Home!

by Sanmita A
How To Make Kulfi At Home!

Kulfi is a popular dessert that Indian love and the most known Indian dessert. And, how about we tell you that you don’t have to head outside to enjoy kulfi. Well, here are a few recipes of the famous Kulfi that everyone loves to have once in a while. And, let’s not forget Kulfi is a definite favourite among kids too. So, if you’re hosting a party during a hot summer afternoon, make sure you add Kulfi to the menu too.

Check out these recipes which will help you prepare kulfis the easy-peasy way!

Pista Kulfi Recipe By Rajshri Food

Try this kulfi recipe with the exotic pista flavour and enjoy this delicious dessert at home!

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Recipe By Lata’s Kitchen

Enjoy this recipe of the Kesar Pista that you can prepare easily at home! Don’t worry, everyone likes it. And we are sure it will be a hit among your guests.

Recipe By Ruby Ka Kitchen

This recipe will be a healthy way to gulp down this great dessert without guilt or putting on calories. Give it a try!

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Mango Kulfi By Ray Kitchen

Yes, you can also prepare differently flavoured without sticking to the usual flavour of kulfi. Check out this beautiful recipe that you must try if you love mangoes during summers!

Recipe By N’Oven Foods

Not a fan of fruity flavours? You can try out this chocolate flavoured dessert which will be great for a dessert around the year. Check this out:

Let us know if you’ve checked out and tried these Kulfi recipes at home!

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