Ever Had Kurkure or Kiwi Puchkas? Puchka Nation In Delhi Has The Weirdest Flavours Like Corn Cheese And Kacha Aam From ₹50!

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by Vidisha Khaitan 2137

Gol gappa, paani puri or puchka, give us aloo and spices in a crispy shell and we are happy. The water however, will always be the winning element. Puchka paani is why we eat them at all, right? Some of us like pudina and some like it sweet but, have you tried all the flavours you possibly could? If you thought that these are the only available options, then we are here to open your eyes. You’re going to be pleasantly surprised to know that we have found a place in Delhi with over 30 flavours of puchkas! Puchka Nation in Kirti Nagar will change your relationship with this age-old Indian street food forever.

What is it

Can you imagine Kiwi water in your regular puchka? We couldn’t either but, now that’s all we want. If there’s anything we want as much as that, it’s probably corn and cheese puchka! How does Kurkure puchka sound for ₹100? Puchka Nation will drive you crazy with a unique menu with all kinds of puchka flavours. Our street food fusion dreams have come alive.

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Options on the more mortal side have imly, neembu paani and jaljeera paani for ₹50. Summer-y feels max out in their range of Exotic Puchka. Pineapple, kacha aam, mausambi and kinnow paani are all for ₹100. They also have Super Saver Combos if you want to get your hands on as many flavours as possible. You can choose to try 5 flavours for just ₹200 in the Fusion Platter. Puchka Nation has really simplified the process because they know no one can go back without trying at least a couple of their options. If you love puchkas then you’ll love this rare Bengali street food too in Chittaranjan Park!

What’s more

They’re healthy! Fresh water vegetables and fruits are the base standard for this place. Puchka Nation is a kiosk cradling a thousand emotions. A visit here is a taste tango. You never know what to expect but the heat runs high. Many of their options are soothing and some are just baffling like chana jorgaram. The fillings vary in every flavour. In a short time, this little cute corner has become a crowd favourite.

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Winter has never kept Dilliwale away from their soul food. Puchka Nation is growing on this city. We wonder if this is going to become a viral trend. Get your move on before everyone else does. The classic puchkas will always have our heart, but we can’t deny how satisfying it was to experience a new spin on our first love. Don’t they say variety is the spice of life! You have got to try this place even if it just for research purposes.

Where: Moments Mall, 2nd Floor, Kirti Nagar