Ever Had Churmur? Raju Chaat Corner In Delhi’s Mini Kolkata Serves Iconic Bengali Snack For ₹40!

by Vidisha Khaitan
Ever Had Churmur? Raju Chaat Corner In Delhi’s Mini Kolkata Serves Iconic Bengali Snack For ₹40!

The mini Kolkata of Delhi has been acing Bengali street delicacies for decades. In the narrow lanes of Chittaranjan Park, you will find a national treasure. Locals have stayed loyal forever, visitors can’t get enough, Raju Chaat Corner is iconic. Chittaranjan Park has four main markets. Market Number 1 has been home to Raju for over two decades. His star dish? Churmur! If you love street food, Meet Dolma Aunty: The Tibetan Lady To Introduce Delhi Streets To Authentic Momos.

What is it

Take a perfect crispy puchka and crush it. Add all the pucka fillings: the aloo masala, the spices and the chickpeas. Pour a bit of the spicy puchka water we all love so much. Then there’s onion, tamarind chutney and chilli. Mix it up and there you have it. If you’re thinking why crush a perfect puchka, we must remind you that you never know what you’re missing until you’ve had it. A dozen communities has different names for puchkas like gol gappe, pani puri, gup chup. Here, in CR Park, there’s only one. Churmur is like puchkas spicy times 10. The chilli overload in this Kolkata gem is not for the weak hearted. So, make sure you tell Raju puchka wala to tone it down for you if you can’t handle it. Puchkas in general here are considered spicier than other places. Delhiites grow up eating amazing street food. All we want to do is share it with everyone! Fruit Chaat Is Our New Favourite Street Food! Delhi’s Iconic Prabhu Chaat Bhandar Does It Best At ₹40!

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What’s more

Churmur is not the only thing Raju Chaat Corner has mastered. Delhi lifeline samosa is a must too. He also has other Kolkata favourites like Jhal Muri and Bhel Muri. The shop opens by 5 PM everyday and people are already lined up for him before he’s even begun preparing the snacks. By 10 PM he closes shop and sets expectations for the next day. People love his aloo chaat and tikki chaat as well. All this deliciousness plus the best puchkas in town but, our hearts are loyal to Churmur.

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A plate of this soul satisfying street snack costs ₹40 which is a steal for the taste! Next time you stop for a round of refreshing puchkas, opt instead for Churmur. This is a must try in Delhi. Your experience of this city is definitely incomplete without it. Don’t leave loose ends. Do yourself a favour and try it now!

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Where: C-449, Market Number 1, Chittaranjan Park

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