Rare Bengali Street Food Aloo Kabli Found At Hoichoi In Delhi’s Chittaranjan Park For ₹40!

aloo kabli
by Vidisha Khaitan

Bengali street food in Delhi is best only at one place and that’s Chittaranjan Park. Popularly known and loved ad the city’s mini Bengal, this locality does Bengali food like nowhere else, not even Bengal itself. Over the years, Delhi has absorbed Kolkata culture and come up with its own best version of food and life. We searched and searched the streets of Delhi, but only one place serves what we were looking for. This rare delicious dish demands you get out of your blankets and head to C R Park for some delctable delights. Aloo Kabli is a special Bengali item. Even more special is the vendor in Market Number 4 who sells it by the name of HoichoiFruit Chaat Is Our New Favourite Street Food! Delhi’s Iconic Prabhu Chaat Bhandar Does It Best At ₹40!

What is it

A little leaf bowl is packed with several flavours that burst in your mouth. Simply stating, it’s a type of aloo chaat but, this is an oversimplification. Bengalis do puchkas not gol gappas and the aloo masala they use has the ‘lipta lipta’ texture of between cut and mashed. ‘Lipta’ means semi wet. The semi wet feel comes because of a special ingredient that no other kind of aloo chaat has. The pani of pani puris is added in the end to Aloo Kabli!

aloo kabli

Image Credit: flickr (forrep), picbat

Hoichoi Puchkawala cuts aloo into small pieces, adds cumin, chili and other spices with some diced onion and tomato. The aloo already becomes moist and spicy from all this. The tomatoes give it a tangyness as well. When it’s perfect, two big spoons of the puchka water is added and then mixed until its invisible. The aloo soaks it all. Masala, onion and tomato just blends with the water as if it was made that way from the start. This whole process lasts about 180 seconds! This unique chaat, Aloo Kabli costs ₹40. Make sure to ask for a less spicy plate if your tongue is not iron cold.

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What’s more

He’s got it all: puchkas, papdi chaat and every popular Delhi chaat. This is just a small portable stall but it’s one of Chittaranjan Park’s two most famous puchka places. The other one is Raju Chaat Corner who also has Aloo Kabli. Hoichoi opens between 4 PM and 5 PM. It shuts at 930 PM in the winter but entertains customers for about an hour longer on summer nights.

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Be prepared for a fair crowd, Aloo Kabli is not the only crowd-favourtie. You might have to wait a few minutes but, his hands work so fast that no one stands there two long. Hoichoi is a rare find. He sets up shop right opposite Annapurna which is a big desi shop in Delhi. Get your hands on unique Bengali dishes this season. We’re glad he was easy to locate and worth hunt!

Where: Opposite Annapurna, Market Number 2, Chittaranjan Park

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