Forget Chandni Chowk Food Walks! We’ve Got The Ultimate Foodies Guide To GK 1 M Block In South Delhi!

by Vidisha Khaitan
Forget Chandni Chowk Food Walks! We’ve Got The Ultimate Foodies Guide To GK 1 M Block In South Delhi!

One of the most obvious food hubs in Delhi often gets neglected. Well, we’re refocusing. It’s time to pay attention to things that matter. Greater Kailash rules south Delhi in many arenas and food is no exception. Enough with the food walks and try outs in old Delhi. It’s south Delhi’s turn to shine. We did a food crawl in our very own Greater Kailash 1 M Block Market and now we’re taking you through it. Things to keep in mind: the market is closed on Tuesdays, it runs from 10-11AM to 8-9PM, it’s food heaven. There’s a lot to cover so be hungry! Forget Chandni Chowk! Head To Sardar Jalebi In Old Gurugram For Garam Garam Jalebis

1. First Stop, Depaul’s

For those of you unfamiliar with the grandeur attached to this little shop, just try their coffee. They rule the hearts of Delhi standing right next to Prince Paan. Irish Cream Coffee and Coconutccino Coffee for ₹70 are perfect for winter mornings. If you’re a year-round cold coffee person, you’re in for a treat. They have every flavour you can imagine and they’re all mind-blowing. Not once have we visited GK 1 M Block and left without at least one coffee from Depaul’s. Their classic regular cold coffee is still a bestseller. Over the years their bottles have grown thinner and our hearts fonder. They’re super famous for their rolls too. The Chicken Kathi Roll sells for ₹75 but try to share one because the big guns are yet to come. We’ll come back here on the food walk for milkshakes later. We have another crazy coffee place in Delhi. From Cartoon Characters To Your Own Photo, Ditas In Mehrauli Will Print It All On Your Coffee!

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2. Next Up, Momos

There are two momo places you have to try on this food walk. They’re both totally different and equally good in their domain. One is a humble vendor between Depaul’s and Prince Paan on the opposite side of Depaul’s. This is not the one at Prince Paan, but the one opposite to their right end. His steamed chicken momos are little drops of heaven. We have never had better momos anywhere, period. Go for a half plate because another plate of momos are waiting for you at the other end of the market. Give your stomach a break and tour the market for a while before heading to Brown Sugar for tandoori momos. This place needs no introduction. We Found Delhi’s Best Gravy Momos In Satya Niketan And They’re Just For ₹70!

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3. Lunch Time

Are you ready for this? Prince Paan is ready for you, either way. Lunch is going to be a long and sinful affair. Make sure you’re hungry again before you begin. Start with the chaat. Here is where Palak Patta Chaat (₹140) first went viral and subsequently took over the entire city. Fine dining menus include their versions of Dilliwala dahi delight. If you want to stick to the basics then choose their papdi chaat which is just as good. Have some gol gappe (₹40) if you can’t resist but, do not miss out on ram laddu (₹90). The green chutney on top of freshly cut mooli and hot dal ke pakode is to die for. The next food walk to do is Aloo Tikki (100). Who doesn’t like aloo! Just make sure you’re not alone on this food walk because evening winter snacks are waiting for you at the edge of their seats. Work up your appetite with a milkshake or fruit shake from Depaul’s. Ever Had Churmur? Raju Chaat Corner In Delhi’s Mini Kolkata Serves Iconic Bengali Snack For ₹40!

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food walk
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4. Desi Delights

GK 1 M Block is famous for two very Delhi snacks which are loved by every part of this multifaceted city. First, bhutta or maize, and second, shakarkandi or sweet potato. Thelas line the entrance of the market with enchanting smells preying on passersby. The smoke from ‘dhoop’ at the thelas add a mystical character leaving shoppers intrigued. They can’t help themselves and follow the fragrant rings of smoke down to the source and say, “bhaiya, ek banana.” Shakarkandi usually comes in 2 sizes for ₹40 and ₹50. You can customize the masala according to your preference but, the main flavour remains with the sweet potato itself. The bhuttawalas are always around as well. Just pick the one you want him to cook.

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food walk
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5. Dessert

While there are loads of desserts to pick from, there are two that truly define this market. The food walk will be unsuccessful without dessert. If you feel full, it’s time for some walking on the food walk and GK 1 M Block has a lot of room for that. If the market itself is too crowded to just walk, go to the park in its centre and knock yourselves out. The iconic Prince Paan Chuski is going to have the final laugh because regardless of weather, it makes the city crazy about some ice and syrup. Honestly, we’re glad it does. Leave the market and head to the backside for Bengal Sweets magic. This is Delhi’s saviour in every nook and corner. Here, we are having a big helping of Ras Malai with lots of extra milk.

gk1 m block
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6. Bonus Ending

Did you think we would let you leave the birthplace of Prince Paan without paan?

gk 1 m block
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This food walk is an expensive alternative to Chandni Chowk, but it’s also unique and smoother. No long lines, no crowds to manoeuvre, no effort, just food. You probably won’t find a guide taking you through this journey so just ask us for any information you need! We might even join you. There are a ton of fine dining places and city treasures in GK 1 M Block Market, but the nothing can ever replace the street food here. Check this off your bucket list this winter!

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