Dubai Records 203% Jump In Tourist Arrivals In Just 4 Months

by Suchismita Pal
Dubai Records 203% Jump In Tourist Arrivals In Just 4 Months

The city of skyscrapers, Dubai, is without a doubt, one of the most stunning destinations in the world. No wonder, it has been on the bucket list of every die-hard travel buff. Having said that, there are certain things which, those who have travelled to the emirate city probably already know. Those who are aspiring to visit Dubai need to be aware of these protocols, which also have been updated post-pandemic.Dubai recorded 203% hike in tourist arrivals with the mark reaching 5.1 million between Jan-April 2022.So, here are 10 aspects you need to know before planning your Dubai trip:

1. Visit Between November And March

Well, you must be picky about the months before visiting Dubai as during the summer months, with mercury steeply rising, Dubai can get insanely hot. The scorching heat might you get sweaty and uncomfortable. Thus the best months to visit Dubai is from November to March when the temperatures remain moderate.

Dubai Tourist2. Do A PCR Test 4 Days Prior To Departure

Dubai has reopened for all tourists on July 7, 2020. With the pandemic in place, Dubai has led out new rules for all tourists. Passengers must do a PCR test four days prior to departure. Travellers also need to sign a declaration prior to the departure. All tourists must have a travel insurance and must download the COVID-19 DXB app. Passengers testing positive upon arrival need to undergo quarantine for a period of 14 days. Wearing masks is absolutely mandatory. To get more updates, you can visit the emirates website.

3. Tourists Must Maintain Social Distancing In Metros And Taxis, Cashless Transactions Are Encouraged

All public transport systems in Dubai like metro and taxis are up and running now. Passengers travelling in public transport must follow social distancing and use cashless transactions as much as possible. Passengers can also book RTA taxis directly through Kareem app using debit or credit cards.

4. Customers Cannot Share Their Food At Restaurants

To ensure social distancing, Dubai restaurants are not allowing sharing of food now. Opening of masks is allowed while eating and drinking. Tables will be placed two metres apart and the eateries will serve food only in single-use cutleries. Buffets are open but only the staff can serve the food. Customers are not allowed to share their food or touch utensils.

Picture Credits: Gulf News

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5. Do A Research On The Historical Sites

Dubai is not just about sky-high buildings and cutting-edge technologies. It has an interesting history and culture that will captivate your awe. Dubai Museum is the main museum giving a glimpse into the historical Dubai. Located in the 18th century Al Fahidi Fort, there is a lot to be explored in this museum depicting the traditional life of the Emiratis. At Dubai, the cultures of Arab, Islam and Bedouin combine and in Dubai Museum and Etihad Museum, you can get a splendid insight into the Bedouin life.

Picture Credits: Arabia Horizons

6. Dubai Has Amazing Pubs But You Can’t Take Alcohol Home

Dubai boasts of a gorgeous and happening nightlife, but the best of liquors can be enjoyed only at the restaurants and bars. Carrying liquor home is not allowed in Dubai without a special permit. Also, do not get drunk as public drunkenness is an offence in the city.

7. Be Cautious Before Taking Photographs

If you’re taking scenic photographs around travel destinations, that’s absolutely okay. But be careful before clicking the locals, especially women and children. If you do that without consent, it might get you arrested. Also, refrain from taking snaps of government buildings, airports, the presidential palace and Dubai Metro as that too can take you to the custody.

Dubai Tourist
Picture Credits: Unsplash

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8. Say No To PDAs

You definitely can go out on a romantic date or a dinner in Dubai. But getting too lovey-dovey and public display of affection can again put you under arrest. So, be careful.

Dubai Tourist
9. Explore The Food Culture

If you’re a true foodie, Dubai is going to be a haven for you. While most restaurants here serve Asian and Middle Eastern cuisines, you can also enjoy Indian and Korean dishes in Dubai. Also, if you’re not a vegan, definitely go for the lamb Shawarma in the city. Also, here are 10 street foods to eat in Dubai under AED 10.

10. Give Yourself A Retail Therapy

Dubai has the world’s second’s largest mall, the Dubai Mall, where you can shop to your heart’s content. Also, in case you prefer some local shopping, you can hit up Al Fahidi Street or Meena Bazaar. Besides, the flea markets can also get you sorted. Well, another secret, did you know that Dragon Mart in Dubai has a gold toilet where you can take a royal dump? Yes, you read that right.

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Now that you know all the must-dos on a Dubai tour, when are you planning your trip to the city? Meanwhile, here are 10 things to do in Dubai and Abu Dhabi: