Dubai On A Budget: 5 Simple Tricks That Will Let You Save Big Bucks On Dining, Stay & Travel

by Vaishnavi Venkataraman
Dubai On A Budget: 5 Simple Tricks That Will Let You Save Big Bucks On Dining, Stay & Travel

Very often Dubai comes across as one of the most flamboyant places in the world. Well, while this is true, it certainly is not a place only meant for the rich. The city has a lot you can explore even when you’re here on a tight budget. A little bit of planning, research and information on hand will sort this for you. Here are 10 simple hacks that will let you save big bucks while dining, staying or travelling in the UAE. Meanwhile, here are 10 Hyperlocal Things To Do In Dubai Under AED 10. 

1. Use UAE’s Money-Saving Apps

Before you get started on where to eat, stay or the list of things to do, ensure you download some of the money-saving apps Dubai has to offer. These are a blessing in disguise! The UAE has a whole lot of apps tourists can use for stay, restaurants and for other attractions in the city. Cabone, The Entertainer, Smiles, Zomato Gold, BOTIJM, Picodi, Voucher Skout, and Vouchen are some of the apps you must download to explore the city without tearing your pocket. However, do note that while most apps are free, a few of them will need you to pay a small amount. For instance, The Entertainer AED 45, prices for Zomato Gold start at AED 99 for three months, BOTIM comes at AED 50 per month and so on.

2. Budget Dining For The Win

Dubai boasts a luxury dining scene, but the city has a lot to offer even when you’re on a tight budget. Certain pockets in the city like 5 Places In Karama Every Foodie Will Love (Under AED 100), Bur Dubai, Deira, Satwa and Al Quoz have popular eateries that will fill your tummy without burning a hole in your wallet. A sumptuous meal at one of the restaurants in these areas will cost anywhere between AED 30- AED 60. That would mean breakfast: AED 11- AED 25, Lunch: AED 18-AED 33, Dinner: AED 25- AED 40. Here are 10 Street Foods To Eat In Dubai Under AED 10.

And of course, Zomato is probably one of my most-used apps. After all, who wouldn’t want to scroll endlessly through all the possible food options and plan out the next meal? There are added offers for Zomato Deliveries too. Also check out these Top 10 Lunch Deals In Dubai Under AED 200.

3. Budget Travel

Ditch the cab! (memorize, repeat)! Taxis in Dubai can be a costly affair. The fares start at AED 12 and go up to AED 2 per kilometer. So ditch the cab unless you are traveling in groups of three or four, where you could split up the bills.

The metro is the cheapest means of travel within the city and is well-connected in all the pockets- right from Marina to the airport. With ticket prices ranging between AED 8- AED 14, this is definitely cheaper than any taxi service. To keep your transport costs low, pick an accommodation near one of the metro stations.

Buses are also well connected within the city and between emirates. A bus ticket from Dubai to Sharjah will cost you AED 7, while buses to Abu Dhabi come at AED 25. Also check out these 6 Cool Things To Do In Downtown Dubai Under AED 100.

4. Leisure & Entertainment On A Budget

This is the most exciting of them all! Come the weekend, and you have loads of choices in Dubai to indulge in. From theme parks to beaches, pubs, parks, and theatres, there is so much to explore. It’s always best to get group packages or go to beaches in the winter. So if a movie outing is your plan, remember to book the movie tickets on weekdays or at 50% discount rates using your debit cards.

Dubai’s museum entry would cost you AED 3 while the spice and gold souqs are a must for bargain hunters. The Jumeirah mosque also has guided tours everyday, for AED 25. The deal is inclusive of breakfast. Besides, the city is flooded with a whole lot of places you can enjoy without paying a dirham. Here’s a list of things that can be done once in Dubai on a shoe-string budget. 

5. Budget Accommodation

Almost all the hotel groups have a branch in Dubai. So there’s are a zillion options to pick from. However, bear in mind that the closer you are to beaches, malls or other attractions, the more you pay. The older areas in the city like Deira, Bur Dubai and Karama have a better choice of rooms that come for a value price. Also, don’t forget to look for accommodations near one of the metro stations, so you can save on taxis. Check out these 5 Budget-Friendly Stays In City.