Dubai Restaurants To Now Use Dividers To Seperate The Tables

Dubai Restaurants Covid
by Yogita Chainani 1353

The Dubai Municipality updates covid-19 rules for diners at restaurants and food courts. As per the new guidelines, diners at restaurants will now limit per table seating arrangement to eight people. Restaurants also have the option to use dividers instead of placing tables 2m apart, a requirement that has been in force since March. Meanwhile, here’s the updated fine list for Covid-19. 

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. أغلقت #بلدية_دبي 5 صالونات و 3 مؤسسات غذائية في دبي لعدم التزامها بالتدابير الاحترازية اللازمة، كما خالفت 23 مؤسسة، وأصدرت 57 تنبيهاً بحق أخرى، في حين بلغ عدد المؤسسات المستوفية للاشتراطات المعتمدة 2,467 مؤسسة، وذلك خلال 2,555 زيارة في 24 سبتمبر. . #DubaiMunicipality closed 5 salons and 3 food establishments for failing to comply with the precautionary measures. Violated 23 institutions, issued 57 warnings, while 2,467 institutions were eligible for the approved requirements during 2,555 visits on Sep 24.

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Restaurants To Use Dividers In Addition To 2 Meters Distancing For Big Tables 

In the guidelines, the Dubai Municipality further mentions that tables which seat between five and eight people, should not be next to each other. And if in case, they are kept side by side, a divider needs to be in place while keeping a distance between them.

These rules are not only for the restaurants, but the same also applies to food courts. In terms of local eateries, the owners should try to space furniture out, whenever it is possible. The guidelines also state that establishments can also use physical separators instead of distancing measures.

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Over Crowing And Queue Should Be Handled With Physical Distancing 

When it comes to physical distancing, it must also be maintained when customers wait in the queue. To curb covid-19 cases, overcrowding needs to be avoided by all means. The facilities should also have clear floor markings and signage that indicate social distancing.

Covid-19 cases in the UAE are rising at an alarming rate and to control the situation, Dubai has been cracking down on retailers, hotels and restaurants which violate rules designed to limit the spread of the virus. Earlier this month, authorities closed a restaurant on Bluewaters Island after it failed to enforce social distancing to protect diners from Covid-19. Dubai Police have also issued thousands of warnings and fines against individuals for flouting precautions.

Lately, two celebrities were also fined AED10,000 for organising house parties. Their guests were fined Dh5,000 each.