UAE Attains Top Spot For Testing For Covid-19

by Yogita Chainani
by Yogita Chainani 672

Covid-19 cases in the UAE are on the rise, but the government is making sure to take all the mandatory steps to curb the situation. In terms of steps, the government is not only implementing strict rules of social distancing, but it is also speeding up the testing process. The authorities have taken necessary steps to implement testing for COVID-19, and in July and August, the country ranked first in the number of covid-19 tests carried out per capita. Meanwhile, here is the updated fine list that you must know about. 

2 Million Tests Were Carried Out In The UAE In August  

In August, more than 2 million tests were taken in the labs across the country, making it the eighth-highest number in the world. As the testing increases, the number of cases also reduces simultaneously. During this period, the total number of cases lessened by 21 per cent. And the mortality rate dropped by 5.7 per cent. 

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In terms of positive cases, from all the tests carried out in July and August, 0.47 per cent were positive. These figures were announced by the government via the weekly covid-19 press conference. At the same meeting, the authorities also informed that people with Type 1 diabetes or gestational diabetes are more likely to get complications with COVID-19.

UAE Approves Use Of COVID-19 Vaccine For Front-Line Workers

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In addition to this, symptoms of COVID-19 begin within four to five days after infection but can be longer in the elderly and those suffering from prolonged diseases. The UAE government also reminded citizens to follow all the protocols. The cases are still there, and we cannot put our guard down at this time. Meanwhile, did you know that Abu Dhabi’s Yas Mall is now using robots to enforce social distancing!

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