700 Beachgoers In Dubai Fined AED3000 For Flouting Covid-19 Rules

Beachgoers In Dubai
by Yogita Chainani
by Yogita Chainani 1460

Covid-19 cases in the UAE are on the rise. And the authorities are requesting all the citizens to follow the safety protocols. However, some people are not realising the gravity of the situation. In a recent update by Dubai Police, more than 700 Dubai beachgoers were fined since March this year for flouting COVID-19 safety measures. Also, here’s everything you need to know about the updated fine list. 

The beach security patrols have issued fines against 721 people so far. On this, Colonel Saeed Al Madhani, Director of Ports Police Station at Dubai Police, said, 

“We won’t tolerate anyone defying the precautionary measures on Dubai beaches. We used drones to zone in on residents breaking safety protocols, as well as bicycles, boats and other means of patrolling.”

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AED3000 Fine Is Levied On Beachgoers In Dubai For Not Following Social Distancing

Citizens are not abiding by the rules, hence it’s becoming difficult to control the covid-19 cases. Beaches including, JBR, Al Mamzar, Jumeirah and Umm Suqeim, re-opened in May as part of the ongoing efforts to ease coronavirus-related restrictions, drawing a huge number of beachgoers. And since then, the number of fine cases are moving up. 

Speaking more about this issue, Col Madhani added, 

“Drones have cameras to scan the area during the day and night, as well as a feature to broadcast a voice message to beachgoers to adhere to safety measures. I call upon the public to take precautionary measures when going to beaches. Comply with social distancing rules and wear masks.”

In terms of fine, the UAE government has recently updated its fine list. The authorities are imposing AED3000 fines against people who do not adhere to social distancing.

Here Are Social Distancing Fines That You Must Know About 

Social Distancing & Wearing  A Facemask

AED 3,000: For not wearing masks while with non-family members in the car

AED 3000: Not wearing a facemask in malls, parks and other public places

AED 3000: Failure to wear facemask at the workplace and shared residence for workers

AED 3000: Failing to maintain adequate distance from others in public spaces and neglecting social distancing

AED 50,000: Allowing malls, restaurants, cafes public pools, hotel pools or sports centres to be overcrowded with people

AED 3000: Failure to follow preventive measures while practising sport or leisure activities at outdoor places, private beaches of hotels, while picnicking or gathering at public parks.

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