“Exotic, Best Infrastructure”, R Madhavan Proudly Gushes About Bengaluru Airport’s T2 Terminal

by Sanjana Shenoy
“Exotic, Best Infrastructure”, R Madhavan Proudly Gushes About Bengaluru Airport’s T2 Terminal

Actor, writer and director, R Madhavan recently took to Instagram to share his experience at the Terminal 2 at Kempegowda International Airport (KIA) in Bengaluru. Maddy, proudly gushed about the luxurious garden-themed international terminal and called it “exotic” and said it has the “best infrastructure”. Read on to know more about the actor’s travel journey.

R Madhavan Hails Bengaluru Airport’s Terminal 2; Gives Fans A Glimpse Of it

R Madhavan shared videos from the International Terminal 2 of Bengaluru Airport on his Instagram handle, @actormaddy. In R Madhavan’s video, he says “It’s incredible what the infrastructure in India is becoming! I’m at the new Kempegowda International Airport.  And I’m telling you, it looks like an exotic… exotic place! Nobody will believe that this is an airport. ”


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He further adds, “And all the plants you see hanging from the ceiling in different parts of the airport are actually real plants, that are being watered every day, from the ceiling. And a lot of the construction as you can see above are all made of bamboo. Just look at the ceiling”.

He goes on to pan the camera to show you the gorgeous ceiling of the T2 terminal which has an engineered bamboo ceiling. In his video, you can spot the hanging gardens, signatures of the T2 terminal as well as The Talkies, the luxurious lounge. R Madhavan ends the video by proudly saying, ” And it’s all themed around sustainability in India. Very proud! Very well done man!

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The actor shares another video on Instagram, showing his fans a glimpse of the stunning terminal. In his caption, he once again hails Bengaluru Airport’s T2 as “superlative, exotic and efficient”. The Vikram Vedha star calls it one of the best infrastructures in the world. And says he is very proud.

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Netizens Wish The Airport Was Closer

Instagrammers took to the comments section to praise Bengaluru Airport as well as Garden City. Many wished they could meet him too. @vishnupriya.kokkula commented that she spotted him, walking past her at Kempegowda airport but was toon shy to talk to him. But she sent him love from Hyderabad. Many other Netizens wished the airport, though beautiful, wasn’t so far away from the main city.

R Madhavan

Meanwhile, have you seen Bengaluru Airport’s Terminal 2 yet?

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