Explorers & Adventurers, Have You Been To Avalabetta Yet?

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No more Nandi Hills! We’ve got a better spot for your weekend getaway. It’s the terrifyingly beautiful Avalabetta & you just can’t miss it!

What Is It?

We’ve been to Nandi Hills on dates, on friendship day, on birthdays and now, we are bored of this place! But, we’ve found something relatively low on the tourist radar and just beautiful!

AVALABETTA in Karnataka!

Avalabetta beckons weekenders from Bengaluru. This small hill is 90 kms from Bengaluru and is more towards the Andhra border. The place has a temple, rocks and some views- but what is driving people crazy is a piece or rock that is protruding.

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What’s In It?

Avalabetta is in the Chikballapur district in Karnataka offers a charming view of the country side with hills, valleys, lakes, trees and is a green treat. It is a haven for explorers and adventurers alike.

With a number of opportunities for hikes this is quite a dangerous place. It is also a great place for mythology enthusiasts cause in Avalabetta there is a fort. There is a small temple on top of the hill on which the fort lies. There are beautiful cave temples which have a lot to offer.

Talk to the priest here and he will enlighten you with the mythological significance of this place.

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What Else?

A right diversion from the cave temple leads to the pound at the backside. While you’re here, you will see is a rock jutting out over a high drop. Only few dare to actually go and stand on it! We advise safety first, so dare devilry can wait! There is a small pool around which you can sit and chill with your gang and well, doesn’t it also make a perfect profile picture spot?

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Some Tips

1. The drive to Avalabetta is into the rural roads and the fort offers the perfect form of silence, solitude and nature.

2. Pay a visit to the Lord Lakshmi Narasimha temple.

3. Not recommended for a stay.

4. Carry your own food and water as there are no restaurants there. Beware of the monkeys.

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Where: Google co-ordinates Search for ‘Avalabetta hilltop’ or 13.577436, 77.674359
How Far: 90kms from Bangalore
When: Throughout the year

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