Expo 2020: All That You Need To Know

Credits: expo2020dubai.com
by Vaishnavi Venkataraman
by Vaishnavi Venkataraman 1126

Dubai is preparing in full swing for the grand Expo 2020. Scheduled to be held on 20 October 2020, the Expo will witness 192 countries coming together to ideate, innovate and collaborate. Here’s all that you need to know about Expo 2020.

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What Is Expo?

Expo 2020 is a grand fair which attracts people worldwide, allowing them to share ideas and views, encourage innovation, and enable collaborative creations. The world’s first Expo- The Great Exhibition of the Works of Industry of All Nations was held in London in 1851. The Expo exhibited about 100,00 innovations.

Where Is It Being Held?

The Expo 2020 will be held in Dubai South, close to Al Maktoum International Airport. The location spans over 4.38 sq km and has four main entrances.

Credits: expo2020dubai.com

Credits: expo2020dubai.com

What Can You Expect?

The Al Wasl Plaza will convert into the centre stage of the grand expo. The opening and closing ceremonies of the event will also take place here. All the ideas and demonstrations are said to tie the theme of the Expo- “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future.”In April 2017, residents were given a glimpse of the Al Wasl Plaza. The plaza will feature a 65-metre tall dome and can hold up to 10,000 visitors. It also has a 360-degree screen, which will project images to visitors inside and outside the venue.  Furthermore, each participating country will have a separate pavilion and there will also be individual pavilions for main themes – sustainability, mobility and opportunity. The UAE pavilion, designed by Santiago Calatrava is constructed in the shape of a falcon.

Credits: expo2020dubai.com

Credits: expo2020dubai.com

Over 75 entertainment events will be hosted every day including fashion shows, talk shows, and comedy. The event will also have innovative workshops including robotics and 3D printing. The logoThe inspiration for the Expo 2020 logo came from a ring found in the Al Marmum area. Sheikh Mohammed revealed the design last year and also displayed it on the Burj Khalifa.

Credits: expo2020dubai.com

Credits: expo2020dubai.com

Which Countries Are Participating? 

So far, 192 countries have confirmed participation for Expo 2020. Apart from the UAE and the UK, several other countries have revealed their pavilion plans. These include Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Brazil, Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Japan, Republic of Korea, Luxembourg, Monaco, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Oman, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and. Thailand. Those who confirmed participation, among other countries, are Algeria, Angola, Argentina, Australia, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, China, Egypt, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Ukraine, the US, Uganda and the Vatican City.

What Will Be The Ticket Price?

An adult day pass will cost you AED 120 while a three-day pass, which gives you access to the whole event for three full days will cost you AED 260. Kids between 6-17 years and students can avail a 50%discount while kids aged under 5 and senior citizens over 65 can visit for free.

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