Expo 2020 Dubai: Flashy And Exciting Activities For Kids At The Mega Event

by Shrestha Purkayastha
by Shrestha Purkayastha 1067

Expo 2020 Dubai isn’t just happening for the adults and traders, even children can engage in the many fun activities at the mega event. Not only the ocean-themed Rashid playground or Latifa’s adventure but the young ones can discover a lot more. There are quite a few pavilions at the Expo 2020 that are offering perfect children-friendly activities.

1. Ethiopian Pavilion

This pavilion is all about the origins of humanity. A wall of history displays ancient objects like tools, crafts and jewellery. The exclusive highlights for kids are the board games that will keep them entertained. Yes, history may not be boring all the time.

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2. Guinea Pavilion

The pavilion exhibits a co-creation hub to come up with solutions relating to water management and preservation. From displaying sustainability to recycling of vast clean energy potential, it has everything under the sun. Wondering what’s there for kids then? It has spaces wholly dedicated to children, with storytelling boxes and a kid’s corner.

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3. Germany Pavilion

Children will fall in love with this pavilion. Here’s why. It’s nothing less than an adventure spot as it features a giant ball pit. Kids can play with over 100,000 balls that tell a story, spotlight a sustainability champion from Germany. They can just pick up a ball and place it on one of the scanners to see a short presentation. Whisper this to your kids already!

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4. Luxembourg Pavilion

The pavilion is an enterprising exit. One can slide down and exit from the giant slide which is 21 metres tall. It is not only a visual treat but also gets your adrenalin rushing. Sounds amusing, isn’t so?

5. Monaco Pavilion

Who doesn’t like penguins. These friendly birds will make us fall in love with them. Watch adorable robot penguins at this pavilion as they play to jump, run and guide baby penguins back to safety past the dangers of the Arctic. Don’t forget to navigate your kids to this delightful spot.

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6. Belgium Pavilion

Children while having a chance to become cartoon characters in this pavilion. Encounter some of Belgium’s most popular comics and experience the integral role they play in the country’s heritage.

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Have a frolic time with your kids and thank us later!


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