Expo City Will Be Draped In Shades Of Red & Golden For The Upcoming Chinese New Year Parade

by Deeplata Garde
Expo City Will Be Draped In Shades Of Red & Golden For The Upcoming Chinese New Year Parade

Dubai is home to countless expats and hence is always celebrating some occasion. Doesn’t matter wherever you go in the Emirates, you will witness almost every festival being celebrated. A highly multicultural city, Dubai is expecting a flurry of events & festivities this year. And to start with, Chinese New Year is here. Get ready to see Expo City draped in red & golden for the largest parade setup.

Expo City To Celebrate Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year or Lunar New Year is celebrated in all grandeur in Dubai. The festivities of this event largely include the grand parade. 20 floats can be seen and march for the parade. Expo city will be filled with 2,500 attendees on 14th January 2023. We know the actual date for the festival according to the Chinese calendar is January 22 but Dubai will see the festivities from the start of the Spring Festival or Chinese New Year.

Chinese Embassy, Chinese Consulate, Hala China, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of China, Expo City Dubai, and other entities make up the organising team.

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What To Expect At The Event?

The occasion would promote intercultural communication between China and other countries/nations on the global stage of Expo City Dubai and present China’s culture in its finest light.

The festival will feature a great exhibition of Chinese culture and sights like parading bands and artists like acrobats.

Festival booths, Chinese food stalls, street performances, and games are just a few of the other fun events planned for the Chinese New Year parade. Sounds like it will be a good time. If you decide to visit the Al Wasl dome to take part in the action, be prepared for a busy day.

The Year of the Rabbit represents generosity, bravery, and sturdiness. In order to prepare, mark your calendars.

So how are you planning to enjoy this cultural event at Expo City Dubai?

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