Facebook And Whatsapp Down In A Worldwide Outage

by Madhusree Chatragadda
Facebook And Whatsapp Down In A Worldwide Outage

If you’re that employee who is still in office way after everyone else left, then you know what I am talking about because social media is a huge part of both work and play. And so, you would know the frustration that I am feeling too. Facebook and Whatsapp BOTH are inexplicably down the world over.

What’s Wrong?
Users across the globe have been complaining throughout the day with respect to Facebook and Whatsapp not working probably. It’s not a complete shutdown people, mind you. Instead, certain features of both apps are not doing what they are supposed to be doing. For instance, a common complaint with Whatsapp has been that people are unable to download any images on the app be it your phones or on your laptop through WhatsApp web. It’s true guys, I can’t either and it’s frustrating as hell.

Credits: Sky News

A vast number of people all over the country are facing this issue currently, unable to send any media through both Whatsapp and Facebook. Check on your phones right now!

What’s More?
Even Instagram is not left behind, people are unable to upload images on this site or app, reports are trickling in. Although this issue does not seem to be a major as of now. What’s the status on your Instagram?

Credits: The Verge

Why Is This Happening?
The most common response to this question is that all these three mega social media networking sites and apps share the very same infrastructure which is causing them to falter like this on a large scale. But we won’t know for real until a proper statement is issued and we know the exact cause of this outage. Last time this happened, it had been a configuration issue. Read this to know what went down before: Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp Down For 12 Hours

Until we know more, keep your peeled on your phones and let us know if your favourite social media apps are back to working soon! I feel ya people, hang in there!