Falguni Pathak Tells This Is What Gujaratis Always Carry When They Travel

Falguni Pathak enjoyed so much of Gujarati food with us.

by Ankita Mazumdar
Falguni Pathak Tells This Is What Gujaratis Always Carry When They Travel

We couldn’t miss out on Navaratri days in Mumbai and not meet up with the incredible Falguni Pathak. She joined us on this exciting episode of Tere Gully Mein with our Editor-in-Chief, Kamiya Jani and explored the food items of Borivali. It was only right that we included Gujarati food items in this exploration and needless to say, Falguni was touched by it. Turns out Dhebra is that one dish that is always in the bags of Gujaratis when they travel. Don’t know what Dhebra is? You might know it by its other name.

Falguni Pathak Says Gujaratis Always Carry This During Travelling

We wanted to play a fun food-related game with Falguni Pathak. We played Heads Up with her about Gujarati food. Come on, it was unmistakably going to be a Gujarati food-related game. Falguni has to guess the food item while Kamiya has to describe the dish to her. Falguni held up a picture of a couple of chapatis with a tiny bowl of achaar, curd with chilli powder sprinkled on, and one chai glass.

Kamiya went on to explain the dish as a very popular dish that can always be found in the bags of Gujaratis during their travels. Falguni Pathak replied, “Khakhra” and Kamiya nodded her head in disagreement, then she replied, “Thepla”. To which Kamiya said “Yes” and further asked her what it was also known as and she replied, “Dhebra” and that it is actually called Dhebra in Gujarati. 

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She Loves To Shop, A Little Too Much

Falguni Pathak
Image Credits: Internal

Just as we dug into a spread full of Pani Puri, Pudla, Khichiya Papad, Moonglet, Surti Gotala, and Black Pav Bhaji at Maa Anjani Pav Bhaji Centre in Borivali West, Kamiya went on to ask Falguni Pathak if she has any passion for shopping. She immediately replied with much enthusiasm that she loves to shop, extremely! She squealed as if a child was asked about their favourite chocolate ever. Seeing this cute little side of Falguni, Kamiya went on to laugh.

She continued to express her love for shopping and even let us know that her shopping fever is a crazy one. She would go to medical stores at night after the other shops closed at 10 PM. However, she still hasn’t figured out why she is so fond of shopping. In the following lines, Kamiya questioned her about the kind of things she buys. Initially, she said that when it comes to shopping she buys anything and everything but when Kamiya named a few things, Falguni picked up shoes. 

Apparently, she is extremely fond of shoes and when she recently went to USA and Australia, she bought 7 and 6 pairs of shoes, respectively. Woah, she truly is very fond of shoes. How many of you are also crazy about buying shoes?

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Comment down below if you think thepla or dhebra are actually the food items that are found in almost every Gujarati bag. If you are a Gujarati yourself, then do also let us know, we are curious.

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