Falguni Pathak Relishes Nylon Khaman & Jalebi Fafda At Murlidhar Sweets In Borivali

Let's have some Jalebi Fafda, Khaman and Dhokla with Falguni Pathak.

by Ankita Mazumdar
Falguni Pathak Relishes Nylon Khaman & Jalebi Fafda At Murlidhar Sweets In Borivali

The Garba Queen or the Dandiya Queen of Mumbai who is also often called Indian Madonna, Falguni Pathak, joined our Editor-in-Chief, Kamiya Jani for an episode of Tere Gully Mein. We timed it perfectly to meet with the Garba Queen during the Navratris and it is safe to say that we enjoyed great Navratri delights and saw the ground in Borivali where she will perform for Garba nights.

Falguni Pathak Ate Nylon Khaman & Jalebi Fafda In Borivali

Good to say that we dived straight into the food section of the video by walking up to Murlidhar Sweets And Farsan in Borivali West. To which Falguni Pathak said, “Lovely!” It was also essential to know if Falguni was from Team fasting or Team eating during Navratri. We were safe to hear the answer, Team eating. After that, all the food items were relished and the plates were polished off well.

Just as Jalebi Fafda and Khaman Dhokla were being served Falguni told Kamiya that this is Nylon Khaman. Just as Kamiya picked up the Khaman she said, “It is very soft and juicy” and to that, Falguni replied, “Yeah, that’s why it’s called Nylon Khaman”. They bit into the Nylon Khamans and couldn’t help but mention how soft they were. Next, they went on to try Fafda with papaya chutney. Falguni also took a small bite of Jalebi and told Kamiya that this was her style of eating Jalebi Fafda. Kamiya followed suit and enjoyed eating it.

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*Plays Garba Songs* It Was That Time Of The Year

Falguni Pathak
Image Credits: Internal

We caught hold of Falguni Pathak at the Late Shri Pramod Mahajan Ground. Kamiya welcomed her by saying, “It’s Falguni Pathak time of the year”. She walked us through the arrangements for Garba nights of Showglitz Events & Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. It is a rather huge area that accommodates 40 to 50 thousand people.

Falguni told us that every year the number of people attending Garba events is increasing and therefore they have to make proper arrangements. There is a separate seating area for people who just come to listen to songs and a different space for people who dance. Further, she showed us the temple area, VIP area, seats for Sponsor, light and sound console, and more.

Kamiya asked Falguni where she focused the most because she would do Garba there. Falguni replied that her attention was all over the ground till the last. It is the enthusiasm with which people dance and enjoy the songs that make her energy levels go double and she delivers every song with a bang. So next time you book your tickets for Falguni Pathak’s garba you should know that your energy levels are directly proportional to her energy levels!

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Comment down below if you have ever visited Murlidhar Sweets And Farsan in Borivali West. What did you order?

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