Fan Kisses Shah Rukh Khan In Dubai; Netizens Left Furious Want To “Put Her In Jail”

by Deeplata Garde
Fan Kisses Shah Rukh Khan In Dubai; Netizens Left Furious Want To “Put Her In Jail”

The King of Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan deserves every bit of love there is in this world. But nothing seems good when it comes forcibly, even love. A recent incident left Shah Rukh fans around the world angry. They have voiced their anger all over the internet. It may be a normal situation for Shah Rukh Khan but netizens are not so “OK” with the expression of love from this particular fan in Dubai.

Netizens Shower Hate Over Fan Kissing Shah Rukh Khan

Shah Rukh Khan has followers all over the world who are eager to catch sight of him, but one particular fan had different goals and was more fortunate than the others. In a recent video going viral on Twitter, a female fan was seen meeting King Khan. Unlike other fans present there, this woman went directly and kissed King Khan’s cheek and left blushing hard. Although it was a dreamy sequence that turned out to be true for her, fans didn’t approve of it. Twitter & Reddit is filled with hate comments disapproving of this act by this particular fan. Some displayed their anger by saying what if genders would be reversed? Others simply left a comment saying it was forceful. Find other comments below by the furious netizens below.

Shah Rukh Khan
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Where Was King Khan In Dubai?

A gala event was hosted Friday night at the Armani Hotel in Burj Khalifa, Downtown Dubai, as part of Emaar Properties’ celebration of the opening of The Oasis by Emaar, its newest waterfront luxury lifestyle destination. The appearance of the ceremony’s honoree, international superstar Shahrukh Khan, who welcomed attendees and expressed his love for the new launch, was the evening’s high point. Post the launch, when Shah Rukh was seen exiting the venue, a cluster of fans surrounded him where this incident took place. Apart from that woman, there were other fans who expressed their affection towards him but netizens labelled it respectful compared to the act of a woman. One furious fan commented about putting this lady in jail for such actions while some confirmed that she gently asked before planting the kiss on Shah Rukh’s cheek.

How would you react if you ever have an encounter with your favourite celebrity?

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