5 Fastest Cars That Can Drive You Crazy On Your Trip

by Pooja Paryani
5 Fastest Cars That Can Drive You Crazy On Your Trip

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Want to feel you own the roads? Here are some of the fastest cars or should we call them supercars that will satiate your appetite for speed.

1. SSC Ultimate Aero

Shelby SuperCars (SSC) is deemed as one of the world’s fastest car. The car has exquisite looks accompanied by wing doors, that will turn heads on the road. Clocking 0-100 mph in just 11.66 seconds and a top cruise speed of 273 mph, it is any car enthusiast’s prized possession.

ssc ultimate aero
Picture Credits: www.thewheelsofsteel.com

2. Apollo Arrow

First introduced to the world at Geneva Motor Show 2016, Apollo Arrow stands tall in the face of competition. The bright orange colour of the car with dark grey touch up is powered by 4.0-liter biturbo V8 -engine. The mean machine reaches 0-60 mph in a mere 2.9 seconds.

3. Lamborghini Veneno

One of the most expensive cars in the world at $4.5 million (₹ 30,73,96,350), the car looks like designed for the future. Racing addicts in the world vouch for this car, which reaches a top speed of 221 mph. The car is also fitted with semi-auto transmission with five different modes.


4. Aston Martin One-77

Aston Martin is the favourite car of all the James Bond’ fans. And being one of Aston’s fastest cars, One-77 is an animal. Only 77 units of this vehicle was made while in production. At 750 hp, this car is nothing short of a monster but looks are quite elegant. Feel lucky if you get to drive this one.

5. Ferrari La Ferrari

Hybrid is the future of automobiles, and La Ferrari proves that most spectacularly. The red beast is powered by 950 hp engine that runs wild on the roads. The hybrid technology of this car is replicated from the company’s Formula One supercars. Rev this car to experience the thrill on the roads.

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