Father Posts Dramatic Whatsapp Story After Daughter Forgets To Order Fruits, Swiggy Reacts

by Vaishalee Kalvankar

Every time you open Twitter, I am sure you will come across at least one post that you can relate to. Well, we found something super relatable on Twitter! I am sure your parents must get dramatic at times when you don’t listen to them. Yeah, that’s cute! A similar dramatic yet cute scene happened when a daughter forgot to order fruits for her father on Swiggy instamart and her father put up a WhatsApp story. 

Father Posts Dramatic Whatsapp Story

A Twitter user, @hajarkagalwa posted a picture on her Twitter account. The picture featured a screenshot of her father’s WhatsApp story. Her father had posted a picture that said, in brief, that you cannot complain about the world when your own child doesn’t support you. 

The user captioned the image, stating the reason behind her father’s super dramatic post. She informed that she forgot to order fruits for her dad from Swiggy Instamart. Her father had asked her to do it, but she apparently forgot to do it. Disappointed by her, her father posted this dramatic picture on his WhatsApp story. 

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Swiggy Reacted To This Post

The picture post has by far garnered about 332.9 K views and over seven thousand likes from netizens.

Many people reacted to her post, talking about how dramatic parents can get at times. Some only posted laugh emojis because they could relate to the post completely. Netizens gave out some funny lines as they reacted to the cute drama by @hajarkagalwa’s father. 

But what grabbed everyone’s attention was Swiggy’s reply to her post. They posted another picture with a quote that said one must forgive anyone as quickly as they want God to forgive them. Swiggy also tweeted that they will send badam to her so that the next time she does not forget.

Swiggy’s Swiggycare also posted some cute memes making the post more relatable. 

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Have your parents been this dramatic ever?

Cover Image Courtesy: @hajarkagalwa/Twitter