Female Flight Attendants Unveil The Weirdest Demands Wealthy Flyers Have Made

by Sanjana Shenoy
Female Flight Attendants Unveil The Weirdest Demands Wealthy Flyers Have Made

A survey conducted by the Association of Flight Attendants-CWA found out over 85 per cent of US flight attendants experienced abuse in 2021. Instances of “air rage” exercised by privileged wealthy people have increased after the Covid-19 pandemic. This is not just the case in the US, Indian flight attendants have also routinely faced abuse or even weird demands from rich people. Read on to know some of the weirdest demands made by the wealthy in flights.

Marriage Proposal To Champagne Refills In The Mouth: Weird Requests By The Wealthy

A flight attendant, Prakriti from New Delhi revealed to VICE that during the first week of her dream job at Qatar Airways, she came across a weird demand by a wealthy man. An octogenarian flying in business class asked her to refill his champagne. But instead of pouring it in a glass, he demanded her to pout the champagne directly into his mouth. The flight attendant just stood there shocked, rattled by the untoward behaviour. Steffi Kingham, a flight attendant from Mumbai said that a Canadian lady in her flight asked Steffi to marry her son. She was dead serious about it. For the rest of the flight, Steffi asked her colleague to attend to the passenger and avoided her.

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Female Flight Attendants Often Face Unruly Demands By Wealthy

Another flight attendant, Maithili said to VICE that on a flight to Dubai, a business class lady asked the flight attendant to entertain her three young kids, so she can catch up on her sleep. When Maithili politely refused to do this, the passenger went into a rage and threw a fit. Her kids ended up crying and the cabin crew had to soothe them. Aparajita, working for a newly launched airline revealed to VICE that a famous Sri Lankan cricketer once offered to be her sugar daddy. She was disgusted by his behaviour while her boyfriend, an ardent fan of the cricketer couldn’t believe this incident. Unfortunately, flight attendants across the world face air rage, unruly and condescending behaviour from wealthy passengers. Well, do create awareness if you come across the situation. Let’s ensure we always keep our behaviour in check. Meanwhile, here’s a beginner’s guide to boarding an international flight.