Want To Get Upgraded To Business Class? Follow This Simple Hack By A Flight Attendant

by Sanjana Shenoy
Want To Get Upgraded To Business Class? Follow This Simple Hack By A Flight Attendant

Come on, who’re we kidding, economy class is good, but business class seats on flights are great right? Yes, it does burn a hole in your pocket, but think about the pampering and indulgence you can enjoy on the flight! It’s unparalleled right? If only, you can magically get upgraded to business class the next time you fly. Well, we’re here to tell you that you certainly can. And all it takes is one simple hack suggested by a flight attendant herself. Read on to find out.

Flight Attendant Reveals Simple Hack To Get Business Class Upgrade

Flight attendant Helena Afroughi has revealed what you need to do to get upgraded to business class for free. The flight attendant revealed to The Express, that to get upgraded to first-class, passengers can just come and talk to the flight attendants for a little bit. If the conservation flows nicely, they can sit and have a lovely chat. After which, they can ask directly for an upgrade, and it’s rare for a crew to say no. Helena Afroughi admits that a little bribery works too. It can be as small as giving a few sweets or chocolates to the cabin crew members as a kind gesture. 

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May Not Always Work As Each Flight Has Different Rules

It’s a way for passengers to make themselves known. Helena Afroughi also adds that they mustn’t run away after giving the chocolates. Just stay and interact with the cabin crew for a bit. When passengers do this, the cabin chief directs the crew to ask the passengers for coffee, tea or offer some snacks for free. But she does say that this advice may not work with all airlines, as each flight has different rules. So, if you wish to make a conversation and later request for an upgrade, avoid grumpy, strict looking crew members or new employees. Most importantly, do remember that it doesn’t hurt to kindly ask for an upgrade. Meanwhile, here’s a beginner’s guide to boarding an international flight for the first time.