Filmmaker Satish Kaushik Calls Out Go First Airline For Cheating Passengers

by Sanjana Shenoy
Filmmaker Satish Kaushik Calls Out Go First Airline For Cheating Passengers

Bollywood filmmaker Satish Kaushik on May 25, took to social media to share his unpleasant experience with Go First airlines. Taking to Instagram and Twitter, Satish Kaushik accused Go First of using dubious ways to get money from passengers. After he revealed his grievances in detail, the airline responded by expressing its regret for the same.

Satish Kaushik Slam Go First For Unpleasant Experience

Satish Kaushik revealed his experience with Go First. The filmmaker’s office booked two seats for himself and the other for Ajay Rai in the first two with the middle seat and paid ₹25,000 G8 2315 from Mumbai to Dehradun on June 23. Unfortunately, Go First sold the seat to another passenger despite his office paying for it. Mr Zubin from Go First tried helping Satish Kaushik by requesting the other passenger to get onboard another flight. But the flight was full and there were no more seats. So, the filmmaker offered his seat to the passenger.

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Go First Apologises For Inconvenience Caused

Inturn, Go First’s Mr Zubin and the air hostesses were upset at their mistake and thanked him for his gesture. They promised Satish Kaushik to take this matter to the superiors and offer him an apology and refund for the seat. But unfortunately, he wasn’t given any refund for his seat. He asked Go First if this was their way of earning extra money by harassing passengers. Go First responded to his tweets apologising to him for the same and revealed they will get back to him at the earliest.