Finland Tightens Schengen Visa Rules; Here’s All That Travellers Need To Know

Explore how these regulations impact your trip and visa fees for Indian nationals.

by Mallika Khurana
Finland Tightens Schengen Visa Rules; Here’s All That Travellers Need To Know

In the world of travel, change is afoot! Finland, the land of saunas, stunning landscapes, and Nordic charm, is unveiling a new set of rules that are set to shake up the plans of those eyeing a trip to this beautiful country. Effective January 1, travellers aiming to visit Finland and in need of a Schengen visa must take heed of substantial changes in the financial requirements. Reports from the Ministry for Foreign Affairs in Finland confirm the implementation of stringent rules. These will certainly affect short-stay travellers seeking Schengen visas.

Inside Finland’s New Visa Rules

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Here’s the scoop: To qualify, travellers must now demonstrate a higher financial capacity, with an increased minimum requirement of 50 euros per day spent in Finland. This marks a significant upswing of 20 euros from the previous threshold, constituting a whopping 66% spike. According to the Times of India, the rationale behind this adjustment is attributed to the escalating living expenses within the country.

Now, why does this matter? Well, the Schengen visa serves as the golden ticket for individuals eyeing short-term visits, enabling travel across the Schengen area. That’s a zone encompassing a slew of European nations—23 out of the 27 EU member states, plus friendly neighbours like Norway, Switzerland, Iceland, and Liechtenstein.

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All About Funds, Forms, & Future Travel Impacts

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In tandem with the augmented financial prerequisite, Finland introduces a novel proof-of-sponsorship or accommodation scheme. Hosts must now complete a sponsorship form, an essential inclusion in the visa application. This step aims to bolster transparency and accountability in financial arrangements for those seeking short-term stays in Finland.

From March onward, the Schengen area is expanding. It will also allow visa holders to visit two more countries during their European trip: Bulgaria and Romania. According to Times of India reports, this will broaden travel horizons for Schengen visa holders.

For Indian nationals, the Schengen visa fee is set at 80 EUR. However, there’s a silver lining for the little travellers—a complete waiver for children under six. And for those aged between six and 12, a reduced fee of 40 EUR applies, making provisions for families travelling with the younger lot.

These changes create a new landscape for travellers planning a Finnish escapade.

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