Fire Breaks At Pakistan’s Centaurus Mall

by Shreya Ghosh
Fire Breaks At Pakistan’s Centaurus Mall

A horrible fire broke out in Islamabad’s Centaurus Mall very recently. According to several reports, the fire started spreading on 9 October (Sunday) on the third floor of this mall in Pakistan’s capital. The fire soon spread to the floors above as well. As per a report of The Express Tribune, the fire also broke out and spread to residential apartments on the upper floors of this building in Islamabad.

Centaurus Mall Broke Into a Massive Fire

The fire and flames broke out on the higher floors quite fast and rapidly. The initial reports of The Express Tribune state the massive fire did not lead to any casualties. To control the blaze and bring the situation under control, fire engines reached the site as soon as possible. Pakistan’s local media and news and news channels shared several videos of the site of the fire.

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A Twitter user named omar r quraishi shared a clip of the fire in Centaurus Mall, Islamabad.

Dawn reported that Capital Development Authority chief Mohammad Usman Younis spoke about the involvement of the fire brigade, Pakistan Navy, Pakistan Air Force, and Rescue 1122 to control the situation. Capital Development Authority confirmed bringing the situation under control in two hours. After controlling the incident, Centaurus Mall is now completely sealed for investigation.

What Is The Reason Behind This Fire?

Police shared that an electric short circuit in the food court of the Centaurus mall led to the fire. A restaurant in the food court faced a short circuit leading to the fire and later it spread more and more, Hindustan Times reported.

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Some media channels in Pakistan stated that the fire spread to such an extent with this increasing intensity due to the delay of the rescue teams. The fire, fumes, and smoke spread all around and reached the first floor and residential apartments on the upper floors as well.

Several people have shared small videos of the fire outbreak and smoke billowing from the building. The videos also show how people are using the escalators inside to come down and get out of the building.

Cover Image Courtesy: Twitter/ omar r quraishi (@omar_quraishi)