First Skywalk To Connect Mumbai To Thane

by Yashasvi Shaktawat
First Skywalk To Connect Mumbai To Thane

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Now Thane peeps can feel a little more connected to Mumbai as authorities get a first-of-its-kind skywalk to connect the two cities.

What Is It?

Happy news for all you Thane peeps who commute to Mumbai daily for work, you can now ease off the burden as India gets its first-of-a-kind skywalk that will connect two cities for better commuting. The skywalk is set to be nearly 1 km long across the Thane creek and will be ready by March 2019.

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What’s In It?

This will be India’s first skywalk across the creek connecting two cities and it will ease off the burden for almost 25,000 commuters daily travelling for work to Mumbai who currently risk their lives by crossing the railway tracks to get across.

The skywalk will be 605 metres long and 145 metres wide and run parallelly to the railway tracks. The estimated cost to the project will be Rs. 23.25 crore. With a great design, the skywalk will have elevators and seating arrangements for senior citizens and equipment for firefighting, service ducts and signage boards.