Five Amazing Toilets To Add To Your ‘Bucket List’

by Anindya and Chandani
Five Amazing Toilets To Add To Your ‘Bucket List’

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From heritage loos to panoramic dummies, here’s a list of amazing toilets around the world to do your business in style.

1. Isolated mysterious commode in Iceland

Amidst the frozen valleys of North-Eastern Iceland, close to the Krafla power station, sits this beautiful throne to help passing by trekkers answer nature’s call in all its glory. If you’re the kind who gets their best ideas on the pot, like me (TMI), then the effort to reach here won’t go down the drain.

In the middle of nowhere, comes this wonder!

2. Country themed washrooms in Terminal 21 mall, Bangkok

Bar hopping is so yesterday. Try loo-hopping at Terminal 21 mall located in Sukhumvit district of Bangkok, where each level is a thematic representation of a city or a country. Experience the French elegance in bathrooms designed with delicate chandeliers or feel the beach vibe in the Caribbean themed cloakrooms. Be sure to visit the Tokyo floor to try out the high-tech toilets where not only can you clean after yourself in several unique ways but also get your tushie dried and powdered at the press of a button. Get ready to take a dump of a lifetime! 

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So many toilets. So little time.

3. Heritage toilet at Lion’s Gate, Mumbai

It’s not a loo, it’s a time capsule! Hit the Bombay Naval Dockyard from the Lion’s Gate entrance which opens every first Sunday of the month for public visitors. Here you will find the oldest toilet of the city and possibly even the country installed in 1750 for sailors. Go ahead, take a piss to remember!

Can you smell the heritage?

4. Not-so-fine dining at Toilet restaurant, Taiwan

‘I’d fancy some soup right about now’ said no one ever while on a toilet seat. This bathroom-themed restaurant called Modern Toilet located in Taipei city in Taiwan, however, redefines tasteful decor with commodes for chairs and loo seat shaped bowls and plates for cutlery. Not only that, they serve drinks in miniature plastic urinals which customers can take home as souvenirs. There’s nothing like a handy urinal after a night of drinking, right?

Wonder if that smells good?

5. Sulabh International Museum of Toilets, New Delhi

If you are still reading this, I’m guessing you are really interested in toilets, just like me (Hi-five on the weirdness). In which case, make sure you visit this unique museum called Sulabh International Museum of Toilets in the Indian capital city, where you can see the historical evolution of toilets since 2500 BC. It also has a collection of poems related to the usage of toilets. Wow, some deep shit!

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Take your pick! The whole room is your toilet.

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