‘F***k Off Back To India’ Graffiti & Dog Poop On Window, Sikh Restaurateur Harassed In Australia

A Sikh restaurateur in Australia is facing racism for the past three months.

by Sanjana Shenoy
‘F***k Off Back To India’ Graffiti & Dog Poop On Window, Sikh Restaurateur Harassed In Australia

aIn a shocking incident, a Sikh restaurant owner from Australia has allegedly been facing racial discrimination for the past two months. From graffiti telling him to go home to dog excrement thrown on his vehicle, Jarnail Singh who runs a Punjabi restaurant in Tasmania revealed to news agencies about the targetted racism he has been a victim to over several months. Here’s more to it.

Sikh Restaurateur Faces Racial Discrimination For Over 3 Months In Australia

According to a report by Hindustan Times, a Sikh restaurateur, Jarnail Singh is a victim of racial discrimination in Australia. He runs Dawat – The Invitation’ restaurant in Hobart, Tasmania. He revealed to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation that such things had never happened to him before. Jarnail Singh adds that he facing racial discrimination continuously over the past 2-3 months. He called these incidents mentally stressful. Especially when it’s targeted racism with his name all over, it was way too much mental stress for the restaurateur.

Apparently, the first incident involved miscreants arriving at his home at night and smearing dog poop on the door handles of his car for four to five days in a row. The second incident involved the perpetrators painting racist graffiti telling him to “Go home, Indian”. Jarnail Singh reported the matter to the police. Citing a lack of video evidence, they couldn’t find the perpetrators.

A month later, the Sikh restaurateur, received a letter filled with racist comments, He assumed it was written by a young person and chose to ignore it after reporting it to the cops. But he received yet another later which was more offensive than the first. This later had words like ” You can **** off back to India”. It further had threats inciting damages to his car parked at his workplace or home.

Jarnail Singh has been a resident of Australia for over 15 years. For 10 years he has lived in Tasmania. But this is the first time, the Indian-origin Australian is facing such issues. Tasmania Police Commander Jason Elmer revealed to ABC that the police are investigating this matter.

He further stated that the current legislation allows courts to sentence perpetrators for having a motivation of racial hatred or prejudice. He further reiterated that there was no excuse for anyone to harass another person verbally or physically. And people must immediately inform the police if they are victims of prejudice-related incidents.

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Other Incidents Of Racial Discrimination

Sikh Restaurateur australia
Picture Credits: Canva

This is not the first time, a Sikh man faced racial discrimination. In 2013, as per a report by India Today, Gurinder Pal Singh, was refused service at the Grotto Seafood Restaurant in California. The manager of the restaurant ordered him to remove his turban or leave the restaurant. The waitress was ordered by the manager to refuse service at his table. Despite explaining to the manager, that the turban was part of his religion and culture, the manager refused to comply. Gurinder Pal Singh took matters to court.

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Meanwhile, have you ever faced racial discrimination when abroad?

Cover Image Courtesy: Dawat- The Invitation/ Website

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