Flavourful Doses From Across The Border! Here Are The Top Pakistani Dishes Everyone Must Try Once

pakistani dishes
by Shreya Rathod 228

India and Pakistan have a long history filled with happy and painful memories. In addition to Sufi and ghazals, both countries are known for their delicious cuisines. And keeping up with the origin that they share, we have ten delectable Pakistani dishes that you should definitely try at least once.

10 Pakistani Dishes To Try

1. Sindhi Biryani

sindhi biryani

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Sindhi biryani is a Mughlai twist to the traditional pulao. Unlike other biryanis which are made with sweet yoghurt, this one is made with sour-tasting yoghurt. Moreover, it has a different level of spicy and fiery flavour. Sindhi biryani is heavily influenced by the Mughal era and has a unique way of making it. Interestingly, there is no use of kewra or rose water, contrary to other varieties of biryani recipes.

2. Haleem


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Haleem, a classic meat dish relished during Ramadan, is a mouth-watering delicacy to try. Originating in ancient Arab, this dish was one of the many delicacies that travelled through Iran. The recipe includes wheat, rice, whole pulses, meat and a load of ghee. And like any other dish, Haleem is incomplete without the blend of spices and other flavourful ingredients.

3. Chapli Kebab

chapli kebab

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Chapli kebab is a traditional Pashtun-style dish made with minced meat and spices. The dish originates from a heavily Mughal-influenced area. Moreover, in Pashto, the word ‘chapli’ means ‘flat’. This is a staple dish in many Pakistan and Afghanistan households and local eateries. However, today it is a famous dish that features in many South Asian restaurants.

4. Sajji


Credits: Wikimedia

Sajji is a meat dish that originates from the Balochistan region of Pakistan. The authentic recipe for this delicacy includes lamb or chicken marinated with salt and some spices. Unlike other tandoor dishes, Sajji is considered done in its ‘rare’ or half-cooked stage. It is a delicacy served in Islamabad, Lahore, and Karachi. You can enjoy it with rice or traditional Balochistan bread called Kaak.

5. Sheer Khurma

sheer khurma

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Sheer khurma is traditionally served in the month of Ramadan. A healthy dish made with sewai, milk and dates, it is sweet and tastes delicious with nuts garnished all over it. Since Ramadan fast is broken by eating dates, this dish is of great significance.

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6. Halwa Puri

halwa puri

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Halwa puri is something not many would agree to eat. However, the combination of sweet halwa and savoury puri is a burst of different flavours. The halwa is made with suji (semolina), sugar, and nuts, whereas puris are fried flatbreads. Traditionally, this was a breakfast combination but is enjoyed during festivals as well.

7. Falooda


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Everyone’s favourite falooda is actually a part of Mughal cuisine. This cold dessert dish is made with rose syrup, sewai, basil seeds, milk and ice cream. As for the sewai, it is made from wheat, sago or cornstarch. This dish originated in Iran and came to India among other commodities. Today, everyone is obsessed with a glass of yummy falooda and can’t get enough of it.

8. Namkeen Gosht

namkeen naan

Credits: Wikimedia

Namkeen Gosht originated in Peshawar and is a simple yet time-consuming dish. With minimum spices and is a lighter version of slow-cooked mutton. This signature dish from Peshawar is a must-try as it has a burst of delicious flavour.

9. Peshwari Naan

peshwari naan

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Peshwari naan is similar to the naan that we eat. However, every recipe is different and made with different methods. Its origin is not fixed to a particular region as it is influenced by Turk, Uzbek and Kazakh cultures. But our love for bread can’t be measured by its origin.

10. Karahi


Credits: Wikimedia

Karahi is a popular meat dish made with tomato-based gravy and a blend of flavourful spices. This dish was named after the vessel that most of us use for cooking. In contrast to the earlier version, this dish is made of yoghurt for marination and garam masala, coriander and other herbs.

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These were ten Pakistani dishes that you must surely try. And tell us if you liked it in the comments below.

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