Flight Attendant Finds Severed Snake-Head On Her In-Flight Meal

by Sanmita A
Flight Attendant Finds Severed Snake-Head On Her In-Flight Meal

Experiencing terrible food on flights is more of a ritual now and people leave no stone unturned to turn it into nightmares. A cabin crew member in a Turkish airline had a horrific experience after she discovered a severed snake head in her meal. As per news reports, the incident took place while the Turkish airline was heading from Antara, Turkey to Germany on July 21, 2022. The flight attendant told that she found the snake head in her meal box while eating the meal.

Flight Meal Horrors Is Real

For a few this sort of incident in-flight meal might be shocking. And needless to say, a few might even stop eating on flights altogether. A video of the entire incident surfaced online, where one can see the head of a snake lying among potatoes, greens and veggies. Take a look at the video here –

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Is It Safe To Eat From Flight Meal Services?

It is quite likely that you might altogether stop enjoying meals on flights after experiencing such an event. The Turkish airline also did not stay quiet but dealt with the situation by suspending the flight’s catering services. According to reports, an investigation has also been launched but the incident was recorded.

Further, the airline issued a statement quoting that they have over three decades of experience in the Turkish aviation industry and their aim is to provide safe and comfortable services to their guests onboard. They informed that a proper investigation has been launched following the claims made by the cabin crew member.

On the other hand, the catering services providing the meals on the flight denied the allegations and told the media that the snake head must have been added.

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