Flyer Slams Thai Airways For Diverting Melbourne-Bound Flight; Airline Decides To Sue

Thai Airways is suing a passenger for accusing the airline of diverting a Melbourne-bound flight to Sydney.

by Shreya Ghosh
Flyer Slams Thai Airways For Diverting Melbourne-Bound Flight; Airline Decides To Sue

We often see passengers criticising and giving flak to airlines after facing cancellations, delays, or any inconveniences while flying. Most of them usually take to social media to post about their experiences with a specific airline. Recently, something similar happened with Thai Airways as well and the airline is taking some massive action following this incident.

Thai Airways Will Take Legal Action Against A Passenger & Here’s Why

Thai Airways
Picture credit- Wikimedia Commons

Just a few days back, Thailand’s national airline was operating an Airbus A350 flight from Bangkok to Melbourne. Though the plane took off as scheduled and was on its way to land at the destination, the flight had to be diverted to land in Sydney. According to information shared by Flightradar24, the flight landed in Melbourne after 4 hours of the specified time. The pilot changed the arrival destination in between because of dense fog and a decrease in ground visibility, as per a report by SimpleFlying. Landing in Melbourne in that weather condition had the chance to be quite dangerous.

A passenger on board that flight criticised this decision on Facebook. According to the social media post, he stated that the weather conditions were good. He judged the pilot’s decision to operate the air traffic controllers. This post on Facebook grabbed the attention of Thai Airways soon and the airline responded to it.

The Thai national airline posted a long reply on Facebook and mentioned suing the passenger and taking legal action against him. The decision to take action was made as the passenger wrongfully accused Thai Airways of diverting the flight travelling from Bangkok to Melbourne. The passenger later deleted his post on Facebook and also apologised for it.

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Safety Is A Major Priority!

Thai Airways
Picture credit- Wikimedia Commons

The crew members of Thai Airways concluded diverting the Melbourne-bound flight to Sydney because of safety concerns. Following international safety and security regulations, the airline made the judgment. The airline is committed to providing enhanced services and ensuring standards of safety and security for all passengers.

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What are your views on the incident of Thai Airways taking legal action against this passenger? Do you think it was a good move?

Cover Image Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

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