A Thai Airways Passenger Was Charged Extra Money For A Long Name

by Yashasvi Shaktawat
A Thai Airways Passenger Was Charged Extra Money For A Long Name

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A Thai Airways flyer was recently charged extra money during check-in due to having a long name on his ticket.

What Is It?

A Thai Airway passenger was charged 3,000 baht (₹6380) at the airport check-in counter after knowing his family’s names on the ticket did not match with the ones on their passport.

This incident was the result of an error that occurred on the Thai Airway Website when the passenger was booking his ticket. The passenger claimed that a character limit on the Thai Airways website did not allow him to enter his full name.

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What’s In It?

At the check-in counter, the passenger had to pay an extra amount as the names were not consistent and did not match with those on the passport. The airway staff did not budge and asked the passenger to either pay an extra amount to change the names on the ticket or buy new tickets. The man then decided to pay the amount and get the names changed.

Thai Airways then wrote to Facebook stating and apologizing for the inconvenience caused and has agreed to reimburse the amount for the same. The Airways clarified that the booking system only allows up to 25 characters each for the first name and family name when booking a ticket.

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