200 Passengers Were Stuck Inside Thai Airways Flight For 5 Hours At Delhi Airport

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
200 Passengers Were Stuck Inside Thai Airways Flight For 5 Hours At Delhi Airport

About 200 passengers were made to sit in the aircraft at Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport for 5 hours. The passengers stuck on the Thai Airways flight also allege that they were not provided anything to eat or drink. All passengers were later informed that the flight, Thai Airlines TG-332, had been cancelled. The agitated passengers tweeted about their situation and asked for an explanation.

Passengers Stuck Inside Thai Airways Flight For 5 Hours

Thai Airlines TG-332 on Monday was scheduled to depart for Bangkok from Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International  Airport. The flight was scheduled to leave Delhi airport at 3:30 am, but it was delayed due to some technical issues. All passengers who boarded the train were made to sit in the aircraft for 5 hours and were asked not to leave. An official at the Delhi airport said that all these passengers were provided hotel accommodations.

The passengers were informed at 08:30 am that the flight had been cancelled. Many passengers tweeted about the incident from the plane itself. One of them was Ajay Mehta, who tweeted at 07:41 am. He tweeted that he and other passengers had been on the plane for the last four hours without food or water. He also mentioned that the captain was silent. He tagged Thai Airways for this callous behaviour and also tagged the Minister of Civil Aviation, Jyotiraditya Scindia.

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Luckily No Senior Citizens Or Infants Were On Board

Ajay Mehta tweeted at 08:18 am, talking about a technical snag being communicated by the crew on board the aircraft. He tweeted that the power has been switched off and that it has been about 5 hours since all of them were still stuck in the plane. He also tagged the Delhi airport authorities asking what their action would have been if senior citizens or infants would have been on board.

Another passenger tweeted that the flight captain was not supportive and didn’t listen to them. The tweet read that many passengers missed their connecting flights from Thailand due to this delay at Delhi airport.

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