Thailand Scraps Vaccination Certificate Requirement For Entry Of Foreign Travellers

by Tooba Shaikh
Thailand Scraps Vaccination Certificate Requirement For Entry Of Foreign Travellers

In light of the rising COVID-19 cases, many countries are reintroducing some of the measures that they implemented during the peak of the pandemic. Thailand, following the same line of reasoning, put in place certain measures that international travellers were required to conform to. It was mandatory for international travellers to produce a negative RT-PCR test and vaccine certificates on arrival. This measure is now being scrapped.

Thailand To Scrap Vaccine Certificate Requirement For International Travel

Since putting the measure in place last week, Thai officials have seen a considerable dip in the number of tourists arriving in the country. This has affected the travel industry of the country, which, in turn, is bound to have an effect on the economy as well.

Piyapan Atipatya, the travel acting consul general in Kolkata said that the conversation for abolishing the Vaccine Certificate requirement as well as the negative RT-PCR tests requirements has already begun between Indian officials and the Thai ambassadors.

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Travel Impacted By COVID-19 Restrictions

The economies of many countries are still reeling from the losses they suffered during the pandemic and cannot afford to let it happen again. This move by the officials of Thailand can be viewed as a move to safeguard the country from suffering more losses.

Just last week, Thailand had announced that it would require a Vaccine Certificate from all international passengers along with a negative RT-PCR test which was to be done not more than 72 hours before. In lieu of the vaccine certificates, the passengers would have to show a medical certificate explaining why they haven’t taken the vaccine.

These measures were not applicable to holders of Thai passports and those passengers who are only transiting through Thailand. However, it seems that since putting these restrictions in place, Thailand has witnessed a significant dip in the number of tourists visiting the country. Seeing this, the country is mulling over removing these restrictions.

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