COLAB Is A Cosy Hideout In Kolkata For Artisanal Coffees, Stuffed Buns And Pancakes

by Mallika Khurana
COLAB Is A Cosy Hideout In Kolkata For Artisanal Coffees, Stuffed Buns And Pancakes

Coffee lovers are in for a treat with this Instagrammable cafe on the streets of Kolkata. COLAB, a cafe that specialises in artisanal coffee and has become well-known among city coffee drinkers, is tucked away in the back streets of Lake Gardens. The 1,400-square-foot cafe has both indoor and outdoor seating areas. While the cafe’s decor exudes a sophisticated aesthetic sense from the moment you walk in, it focuses on the world of coffee in greater depth through artisanal brews.

The cafe’s interior is tastefully simple and clean. The cafe’s natural beauty, particularly on the exterior, has been preserved as-is. The highlight of the cafe is the tree that is spruced up with cane lamps hung to it. The other details of the cafe exude a rugged feel. Artisanal coffee is not all that they offer. Good feels and Instagram-worthy corners are readily available in this gorgeous cafe. The bricked walls and filament lights really set the cosy feel at this cafe.

Top Spot For Artisanal Coffee In Kolkata

The cafe primarily intends to create a community of people who can appreciate good coffee and have a good time. They use premium quality ingredients and in-house vegan milk to keep the textures and flavours top-notch. If you’re a sucker for good coffee, this is the place to be for you.

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Drool-Worthy Bites

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The exquisiteness doesn’t end with their coffee. Their food menu is a must-try as well. With their pizzas getting more popular by the day, their salads are as fresh as they get. There is much more on their menu to explore. Make sure to try out their bestselling Stuffed Buns, Polo Pesto Pizza and Wild Mushroom and Cheese Sandwiches.

When are you heading over to this cute place?

Where: Jodhpur Park, Kolkata

Timings: 10 AM-9:30 PM

Cost: ₹850 (for two)

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