Flying To Thailand? COVID-19 Test Certificates Are Now Mandatory

by Tooba Shaikh
Flying To Thailand? COVID-19 Test Certificates Are Now Mandatory

Back in October 2022, Thailand had scrapped its policy to produce negative COVID-19 test results at the time of entry into the country. However, the world is now again witnessing a rise in the number of coronavirus cases. In the light of these new cases, Thailand has decided to reinstate its earlier policy of producing negative COVID-19 test certificates. This move can be seen as a precautionary measure that is now being taken by many countries.

Thailand Reinstates COVID-19 Test Policy As Precaution

According to the latest reports, Thailand is going to reinstate its COVID-19 travel norms for all international passengers that it scrapped back in the October of 2022. This new directive stipulates that the passengers will have to produce proof that they have been fully vaccinated. They can also produce a proof that states that they have recovered from the virus within the last six months.

The Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand (CAAT) also stated that in lieu of these documents, the passengers will have to produce a medical certificate that explains why they still haven’t received a vaccine. The CAAT also specified that they will hold the respective airlines responsible for checking the proper documentation of the passengers before they board the flight. It will be their duty to ensure that all passengers have the necessary documents and those who don’t, will not be allowed to board the flight.

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Exceptions To This Policy

The CAAT has also specified that Thai passport holders will be exempted from this protocol. For them, producing these documents at the time of arrival will not be necessary. Moreover, those passengers who are only transiting through the Thai airport and have a connecting flight from there, will also not be required to produce these proofs.

These precautionary measures have been implemented in full force from Monday onwards. Thailand is the latest among countries taking preventive measures to prepare for the new COVID-19 wave. The impetus to take such measures was provided by China reopening its borders for international travel amid rising cases of COVID-19 around the world.

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