Now Fly Abu Dhabi-Bangkok Twice A Day, Etihad Airways Doubles It Flights To Thai Capital

by Shreya Rathod
Now Fly Abu Dhabi-Bangkok Twice A Day, Etihad Airways Doubles It Flights To Thai Capital

Bangkok is one of the most visited destinations and is popular among tourists. To increase tourism, Etihad Airways is taking a step forward. How would you feel if there were more flights to this paradise? Well, Etihad is doing just that. Come and take a look at the flights that will be flying from Abu Dhabi to Bangkok.

Etihad Airways Doubles Up Flights

Credits: Etihad Airways/ Twitter

Recently, Etihad Airways declared that the frequency of flights on the Bangkok – Abu Dhabi route will double from the month of March. The exact date is the 26th of March, 2023. Flights will fly twice a day and provide fourteen weeks of non-stop service from Abu Dhabi to Bangkok. The Chief Revenue Officer of Etihad Airways confirmed the news by saying the timings of flights are great for UAE residents who want to visit Bangkok for a break. Also, those travelling to Abu Dhabi will land in the morning, perfect for a headstart to explore the city.

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Abu Dhabi – Bangkok Route

Credits: Flickr

There will be a set timetable for the flights. The departure from Abu Dhabi will be at 10:50 pm and the flight will arrive in Bangkok at 8:20 am. Similarly, another flight from the former destination will depart at 10:30 am and land at 8:00 pm in Bangkok. While the flights from Bangkok will depart at 8:15 pm and 2:25 am, respectively. They will arrive at 11:20 pm and 6:00 am in Abu Dhabi.

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With this, the airline company is planning to extend these services to Shanghai and other Asian countries as well. Other than that, Emirates has cleared the latest IATA Operational Safety Audit with a perfect score. They are awarded the World Class Award and are one of the safest airlines to fly with. Besides, they work on sustainability, service, well-being, and safety. Emirates has also bagged 5 Star Global Official Airline Rating in addition to ULTRAs 2022 awards, Best Airline in the World. To top it off, they have achieved the ‘Passenger Choice Award for Best Global Entertainment’.

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