Flying On An Airplane? Here Are 5 Foods You MUST Avoid

by Shreya Ghosh
Flying On An Airplane? Here Are 5 Foods You MUST Avoid

Do you know that the foods served on an airplane are prepared hours before boarding the flight? The answer is yes and eating in-flight foods is not always a good idea. The airline catering companies prepare the food about half a day before and then freeze them. Later, these are heated and served. If you want to consume these foods, you can surely do that but there are some specific items that are advisable to strictly avoid. Also, when you fly at such an extreme height with people surrounding you, it is important to eat well and properly.

Here Are 5 Foods You MUST Avoid On An Airplane

1. Raw Onions

Many passengers often grab a sandwich for their flights as it is easy to eat without any hassle of spoons and forks. If you are preparing a sandwich or salad for your flight, ensure to skip adding raw onions to it. We all know the strong smell of raw onions and the breath after consuming them. And if you don’t want to face this situation, do not use raw onions.


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2. Tea & Coffee

One of the most important ingredients of tea and coffee is water. And the water provided on the flights is not the cleanest always. We can often hear flight attendants sharing that the water tanks are cleared once in a while. The worst part is that these tanks and the lavatories stand beside each other. It is always better to carry your own water bottle or ask for bottled water inside the airplane.


3. Fish

When you are in a public place, you need to think of the passengers sitting next to you. Fishes have a strong smell, especially fish like tuna. It is always better to stay prepared and avoid all sorts of inconveniences. So keep your favourite fishes at bay while flying on an airplane.


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4. Dairy Products

We recommend you avoid all sorts of dairy products during your journey on an airplane. These products always need to be kept at a very cool temperature else it takes no time to spoil. And as this spoilage of listeria bacteria are not visible or spreads smell, the airlines end up serving these en route.

5. Alcohol

Dehydration is a major concern while flying on an airplane. In a closed cabin with very low humidity and at a high altitude, dehydration is a genuine problem. And sipping on alcohol and cocktails will leave an additional impact on dehydration. No one wants itchy skin, especially on a flight. Rather, stick to bottled water and drink at regular intervals.