Avoid These 5 Foods That Can Cause Anxiety While Flying

by Sanmita A
Avoid These 5 Foods That Can Cause Anxiety While Flying

Anxiety is so common, especially after all that we went through during the pandemic. Anxiety not only aggravates due to crowds, but sometimes due to travel too. And, in this post, if you are one who goes through a lot of anxious before flights that there are certain ways through which you can control and lessen the effect. We’ve compiled a list of food items that you should leave out from your diet before you are heading to the airport or have a flight to board.

Anxiety Foods To Avoid

Here’s everything that you should avoid eating if you have severe anxiety while travelling or before flying.

  • Sugar is your worst enemy. If you are boarding a flight, make sure you avoid all the aerated, sugary drinks. Such sugary drinks further aggravate your anxiety and might make your flight a headache.
  • Caffeine is everyone’s favourite and probably, you might want to drink a little bit of it, before you take your flight. We suggest it is best if you avoid drinking coffee if you have severe anxiety during flights.
  • Alcohol, while some might believes that a little alcohol will relax you, But according to studies, the effect of alcohol on anxiety is quite different and might make you all the more panicky and anxious. It is also the worst for people with depression.
  • Trans fats – It is the kind of food that might lead to a severe anxiety attack. If you have been dealing with anxiety and depression, try to avoid such foods. These foods trigger depression and panic attacks.

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Foods To Eat Before Flying If You Have Severe Anxiety Disorder?

People with mental health issues, need a lot of attention when it comes to food and situations. It is best you stay steer clear of such things and avoid anything that might seem like a trigger. If you are well in control, make sure you plan your diet accordingly. Do not eat something that might make you panicky or aggravate your mental health condition, especially when you have travel coming up. Switch to eating lighter foods, drink tea, which relax the nerves and stick to veggies. Lighter meals with a lot of water will help keep your gut health in place at least. And like they say, when the gut is fine, everything else gets better.

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