Flying With Booze? Here Are 7 Ways To Securely Pack Your Liquor Bottles To Avoid Spillage

Ways To Securely Pack Your Liquor Bottles
by Tejashee Kashyap

Travelling around the county or even beyond, drink enthusiasts are sure to discover rare liqueurs, wines, and beers that they should add to their collections. Packing for a trip is already stressful and putting wine or spirits in your baggage that might destroy your entire wardrobe if you don’t take the necessary precautions is too scary to even think about! But how can one guarantee that these liquid mementoes get home undamaged? This guide will provide you with a comprehensive set of  ways to securely pack your liquor bottles:

So, How To Safely Pack Alcohol In Your Suitcase?

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Before packing alcohol bottles, it’s essential to research and understand the specific regulations of the airline you are travelling with. Different airlines have varying rules concerning packing alcoholic beverages, such as limitations on alcohol content, quantity, and specific packaging requirements. Ensure that you comply with these regulations to avoid any last-minute issues at the airport. We know, how stressful that could be!

1. Better To Avoid An Already-Opened Bottle

It’s advisable to avoid taking the rest of a bottle that you have already consumed,  how tempting it may seem. It’s not always guaranteed that a bottle is secure, even after it has been resealed.

By far, my biggest mistake has been carrying already-opened alcohol bottles. Even, some airlines do not let you carry already-opened ones. Well, leaving them off at the airport didn’t make me feel good.

2. Wrap the Bottles Individually

Ways To Securely Pack Your Liquor Bottles

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Individually wrapping each bottle is essential to provide cushioning and protection. Start by placing a layer of bubble wrap or packing material at the base of the bottle and wrap it tightly, moving upwards towards the neck.

Bubble wrap offers excellent shock absorption, but you can also use clothing items. Maximise the protection of your alcohol bottles by utilising your clothing items as additional padding. Surround the wrapped bottles with soft clothing, such as socks, T-shirts, or towels. This helps create a protective layer and minimizes any potential movement within the suitcase.

3.  Separate Bottles To Prevent Contact

To avoid any contact that might cause bottles to collide and break during transit, keep each wrapped bottle separate from the others. Place each wrapped bottle in an individual plastic bag or use dividers within your suitcase to create compartments for each bottle. This added precaution ensures that the bottles remain isolated and reduces the risk of breakage.

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4. Position Bottles In The Center Of The Suitcase

When placing the bottles in your suitcase, position them towards the centre, away from the edges. By doing so, you minimize the risk of the bottles getting damaged if the suitcase encounters any external pressure or impact. Placing the bottles in the centre also helps distribute weight evenly. This helps maintain the balance of your luggage and reduces the strain on the bottles during transportation.

Ways To Securely Pack Your Liquor Bottles

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5. Fill Up Those Void Spaces

Fill any empty spaces in your suitcase with clothing or soft items to ensure the bottles remain immobile. Empty spaces can cause the bottles to shift and collide, increasing the risk of breakage. Utilize clothing, packing cubes, or other soft items to fill these gaps and create a snug fit. This effectively prevents excessive movement within the suitcase and provides an additional layer of protection for the bottles.

6. Rethink What You Are Bringing Back Home

Ways To Securely Pack Your Liquor Bottles

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Extreme temperature fluctuations during transportation can potentially affect the quality of certain alcoholic beverages. For example, if you bring a crate of exotic beers, there’s a possibility that the quality may warm up while travelling. However, if you are a beer fan, here’s a tip. Great examples of beers that can withstand a slight temperature rise without suffering negative consequences are stouts, barrel-aged beers, and bottle-conditioned sours. You can even consider using insulated sleeves or wrapping the bottles in thermal clothing to help protect them from temperature variations.

7. Lastly, Take A Check On Your Purchases

Duty-free alcohol purchases can indeed be alluring for many travellers. Most of the time, you discover new alcohol brands there. However, if you are purchasing alcohol from a duty-free shop, be aware of the duty-free allowances set by your departure and arrival countries. Duty-free allowances determine the maximum quantity of alcohol that can be purchased.  Sometimes, if you purchase duty-free alcohol within 48 hours or less of your departure time, it can only go through security screening as a carry-on. However, if your purchase exceeds that time period, then the bottle must be packed in your checked luggage.

Ways To Securely Pack Your Liquor Bottles

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Travelling with booze can be somewhat risky. But following precautions like securely pack your liquor bottles can at least provide some peace of mind!

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