Why Are Beer And Other Alcohol So Expensive At Bars? Here’s Why They Are Marked Up So Much

by Mallika Khurana
Why Are Beer And Other Alcohol So Expensive At Bars? Here’s Why They Are Marked Up So Much

Don’t we all just love to go out with our friends and have a great time over a few pints of beer? It sounds like the perfect way to spend the weekend, doesn’t it? However, one look at the drinks menu often compels us to ditch the plan and chill at the house itself. Alcohol is expensive at bars and getting a crate of beer from a wine shop seems more convenient than paying big bucks for a drink or two at a bar. Such a major contrast in prices stings us bitterly, and we soothe it later over drinks at home. It might sound like a good enough alternative, but going out and enjoying a social setting has its own charm *no matter if a can of coke there costs more than a 1-litre bottle at MRP* 

Drinking At A Bar Is A Pricey Affair

Beer at bars
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Before we give you the reasons why drinking at a bar is a pricey affair, we must take a look at the price contrast. For example, a pint of Kingfisher Fine Lager that costs around 100 bucks at a wine shop (the exact price varies in every state) costs more than 200 bucks (approximately double) at a bar. Similarly, a Bira 91 White that costs somewhere between 100-200 bucks at a retail store will cost you more than 400 bucks at a restaurant. The same rule applies to other alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages as well. If you have ever ordered fresh lime at a restaurant, you know what we are talking about.

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Factors That Contribute To Expensive Alcohol At Bars

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Several factors contribute to the relative cost of a pint of beer or a can of Coke in bars and pubs, including:

  • Operating costs for bars include rent, licence fees, employee salaries, and maintenance expenses. The overall pricing structure, which includes the price of alcohol, takes these costs into account.
  • Bars offer more than just drinks; they also offer an atmosphere, a level of service, and an overall experience. The cost of providing a cosy environment, entertainment, and service personnel are all included in the price of drinks.
  • Bars provide the convenience of quick access to numerous options. Customers pay for the ease and enjoyment of having booze served in a pleasant environment.
  • On the purchase of alcoholic beverages, bars pay taxes and excise duties, which are reflected in the price. To cover their operating expenses and make a profit, bars also use a markup.

Even if these prices at bars are justified, it still never ceases to pinch us.

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