Food Blogger’s Ingenious Way Of Having Laban Up And Oman Chips Is Invoking Nostalgia In Emiratis

by Deeplata Garde
Food Blogger’s Ingenious Way Of Having Laban Up And Oman Chips Is Invoking Nostalgia In Emiratis

Growing up in the Middle East means growing up with different types of food and snacks. We all know how Emiratis never stop bragging about their childhood snacks. There are some snacks from the Emirates that totally hit differently. For instance let’s take the very famous childhood snack, Oman Chips. You can eat them out of the pack or mix them with anything to make them crunchy. But this Emirati Influencer has shown us a whole new way to eat Oman Chips in summer. Let’s check it out!

Feed Kiani, Dubai-Based Food Blogger Has Been Eating Oman Chips The Different Way!

We know many different ways to eat these crunchy light wafers. But blogger, Feed Kiani has surprised us by mixing this refreshment drink with Oman chips. Yes, he has uploaded a video where he adds our favourite childhood summer drink Laban Up to Oman Chips. Many of you reading might have not enjoyed the combo but his video makes it look like a refreshing summer combo. All he did was shake the two things together and immediately drink it from the packet. These didn’t leave the chip soggy and he was seen enjoying the crunch.

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Have You Ever Visited This 1980s Grocery Store In Deira?

Oman Chips
Pic Creds: Canva Stock Images

Dubai kids growing up in the area nearby would definitely know about this grocery store. The Dubai Influencer had a very nostalgic moment while visiting this grocery store to grab some snacks. He described how he would accompany his father to this grocery store as a kid. According to him, nothing has undergone a lot of changes as such, neither the staff nor the interiors. In recent years the grocery store has been overshadowed by the number of bus stations built around it.

We guess looking for it on Google won’t help as it’s quite a traditional shop with no traces on the Internet. So if you wish to visit this shop you can find it in Hor Al Anz St – Hor Al Anz, Dubai. The grocery store’s name is Al Soojery and it is an Iranian grocery store, according to Feed Kiani.

Meanwhile, let’s try this summer’s favourite snack combo of Oman Chips & Laban Up.

Cover Image Courtesy: Insta/ Feed Kiani, Laban Up