Food Manipulates Your Mood?! Here Is What Dr Dimple Jangda Has To Say

by Shreya Rathod
Food Manipulates Your Mood?! Here Is What Dr Dimple Jangda Has To Say

Humans love food; so much that every day we see a new dish emerging with different elements. But is eating food limited to just nutrition? Or does it affect us in some other way? Well, Ayurveda – an ancient medical study of India, tells us how food actually affects us, whether it is mentally, physically or emotionally. Recently Dr Dimple Jangda, an Ayurvedic expert, pointed out how food and mood operate in an Instagram video.

Ayurvedic Diet And Meaning

ayurvedic diet
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Ayurveda mentions three states of mind that depend on the food that we consume. Dr Dimple Jangda explains the theory by saying that chocolate release serotonin that uplifts our mood. She further states that the three states of mind Sattva, Rajas and Tamas are responsible for your mental health.

Firstly, Sattva means a sattvic state of mind which will promote compassion, forgiveness, love, kindness and empathy. This state inspires us to stay calm, think positively, raise our consciousness and increase creativity. Food like grains, sprouts, honey, herbs, fruits, vegetables and cruelty-free dairy are sattvic food. Also, you should cook it with love and eat it with gratitude and awareness.

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Secondly, Rajas is a state of mind that promotes agitation, passion and irritation and consuming it results in poor digestion and constant restlessness. Though it will give you instant energy, the after-effects will leave you with stress and poor mind-body balance. Ultimately, you are feeding your body at the cost of your mind. Some examples are coffee, tea, onion, garlic and too much chocolate. Lastly, Tamas is where you will experience lethargy, laziness and demotivation. A Tamas diet may lead to a risk of heart and liver diseases. Foods like, eggs, poultry, processed food and alcohol are all examples of this diet.

Experts’ Opinion On Diet

Many experts say that food has a direct relation with our body, and its energy impacts our emotions. According to them, energy is a driving force that manipulates emotions and affects mood. Therefore, it is suggested to eat more plant-related food to have a stabilised mind-body balance and consciousness.

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