Food Superstars 2023: This Is India’s No. 1 Chef; Here Are The Other Top 29 On The List

by Tooba Shaikh
Food Superstars 2023: This Is India’s No. 1 Chef; Here Are The Other Top 29 On The List

That India’s culinary landscape is gastronomically diverse is known throughout the world. Hence, recognising the people who strive to bring out the best of Indian food and help it get global recognition is essential. One such event, the Food Superstars 2023 by the Culinary Culture aims to highlight some of the most notable people within the Indian culinary industry. To know who was ranked the country’s number 1 chef, read on.

Food Superstars 2023: India’s Number 1 Chef Is Regi Mathew

Food Superstars 2023 named Regi Mathew as the number one chef in India. He earned the accolade owing to his efforts in highlighting the diversity and palatial plurality of Kerala’s Cuisine. The award function also recognised a number of other chefs for their efforts.

Manish Mehrotra was the recipient of the Hall Of Fame 2023 award. The Legend Chef 2023 award was given to Urbano Do Rego. The Sustainable Chef 2023 Award by Campo Viejo was given to Deepanker Khosla.

Ritu Dalmia received the Activist Chef Award 2023 from Nongshim. Young Chef 2023 by Campo Viejo was given to Mythrayie Iyer. Culinary Culture is a pioneering platform which aims to acknowledge, promote and recognise the efforts of dynamic Indian chefs.

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The Full List Of Top 30 Indian Chefs

Following is the list of the top 30 chefs recognised at the Food Superstars 2023 by the Culinary Culture: –

30. Lakhan Jethani

29. Sachiko Seth

28. Shubham Thakur

27. Auroni Mookerjee

26. Aketoli Zhimomi

25. Shri Bala

24. Manik Magotra

23. Kavan Kuttappa

22. Anahita Dhondy

21. Vinesh Johny

20. Sandeep Pande

19. Amninder Sandhu

18. Manuel Oliviera

17. Vanshika Bhatia

16. Suresh DC

15. Julia Carmen Desa

14. Avinash Martins

13. Rohit Sangwan

12. Rahul Gomes Perreira

11. Pooja Dhingra

10. Zhang Hongsheng

9. Nooresha Kably

8. Alex Sanchez

7. Varun Totlani

6. Jai Prakash Singh

5. Niyati Rao

4. Johnson Ebenezer

3. Hussain Shahzad

2. Himanshu Saini

1. Regi Mathew

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