Foodie Dogs Stealing Snacks From Kitchen Counter Is The Cutest Video You’ll See Today. Watch

by Shreya Ghosh
Foodie Dogs Stealing Snacks From Kitchen Counter Is The Cutest Video You’ll See Today. Watch

Pets are surely the most adorable members of our family. No matter how much trouble they end up doing, we cannot just stand up against their baby and mushy faces. Be it destroying some things at home or spilling water somewhere or just doing any of their harmless yet naughty regular activities, we love watching cute pictures and videos of these loving furry babies. There are so many videos of pet dogs that go viral on social media every day and today we just stumbled upon a video of not one, not two, but a team of 3 cutie pies doing some notorious things. What are these doggos up to? Let’s find it out!

This Teamwork Video Of Three Dogs Will Make Your Day!

An Instagram page that goes by the name Best Friends are Dogs 🐶🐾 (@bestfriendsaredogs) shared a super cute video of three pups attempting to get some food. A team of 3 furry buddies standing on top of one another to get some snacks is surely one of the most adorable things that we saw on the Internet today.

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In this viral video, we can see one Corgi pup taking the help of two other pups and standing on their back to steal some snacks from the kitchen counter. Helping each other and working like a team to achieve the unachievable; it seems like the furry trio are best friends. The caption shared how these dogs are always on a mission to grab a snack from the kitchen counter. Now isn’t it the cutest thing you saw on social media today? We are so in love with these paw-fect pets!

Netizens Are So In Love With This Clip!

Shared on 2 April 2023, this fun video of 3 pups is making rounds on social media platforms. With more than 4.8 million views, this viral video currently has over 238K likes and thousands of comments on Instagram. Many are commenting about how these three are great friends. On the other hand, some even pointed out that this video is staged as the dogs are not eating anything from the plate. Well, what do you think?

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Isn’t this the cutest pup video on the Internet? We sure are enjoying it a lot!

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/ Best Friends are Dogs 🐶🐾 (@bestfriendsaredogs)