For An Ayurveda Retreat Like No Other, Curly Tales Explored Kutch-Styled Mud Houses In Jamnagar

by Curly Tales Desk
For An Ayurveda Retreat Like No Other, Curly Tales Explored Kutch-Styled Mud Houses In Jamnagar

At some point in our lives, we have all felt like wanting to leave it all behind. The stressful work, neverending responsibilities and whatnot make us feel mentally drained more often than not. You know what? Now, you can leave it all behind, for a few days at least. Where would you go, you ask? To Lokayurved in Jamnagar, Gujarat. It is an unbelievably beautiful ayurvedic wellness retreat that will soothe and heal your body and mind alike. To achieve exactly that, our Editor-in-Chief recently explored the Kutch-styled mud houses at Lokayurved. It was certainly a rejuvenating ayurveda retreat in Jamnagar.

Did you even expect to get excited by an ayurvedic vacation? Watch your mind change after you watch this video!

Ayurveda is a complex yet concise way to lead life, providing perfect focus to all aspects of your well-being, including, physical, mental and spiritual health. To put it more clearly, there is a right lifestyle and there are rules and regulations that may help you lead a peaceful life and that is what Lokayurved offers.

As soon as Kamiya Jani stepped in, there was a sense of simplicity and peace all around. It felt like entering a village in the old days when nobody was in a rush. You can’t even imagine the kind of calmness that would bring to your mind.

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At Lokayurved, you will find Kutch-styled mud houses that are in fact very efficient. Made with mud and cow dung, their conduction keeps the insides cool. As per an Ayurveda expert from Lokayurved, if the temperature outside would be 40°C, the temperature inside the mud house will be around 30°C. Pretty marvellous, right?

Lokayurved strives to bring awareness in people about ayurveda, its benefits and all that it offers. They also want to make it accessible to more and more people. For them, it is a revolution that will bring ayurveda and people closer than ever. They believe that Ayurveda has a solution for everything and they wish to bring that to the world through their wellness programs.

The food at this retreat was another thing that deserves a cheer. They served delicious kathiawadi food in an ayurvedic style and it was truly a unique experience.

So, are you ready to take a trip to Jamnagar?

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